As bad as it was, Printers stands by his new team

This was an article in todays Toronto Sun, I found it interesting and actually like what I read..Love his confidence and love how hes picking up the plays and seeing the open men which clearly Chang couldnt seem to do...can't wait

Casey Printers came. He saw. He didn't run away.

The bad news for Hamilton Ticats' fans is that their team lost to the Toronto Argonauts for the second time in less than a week.

The good news is that Printers, their newly-signed quarterback, didn't take one look at the crime perpetrated by his new teammates yesterday and take the first flight out of the country.

"It's frustrating," Printers said, of spending his first game as a Tabby toting a clipboard on the sideline. "I was getting a feel for the plays and I could've gone out there but there was no reason."

That was because the Argos pretty much had this one booked into the win column on their second possession when Jamall Broussard caught a pass from Michael Bishop for his first CFL touchdown and a 7-2 lead. A deficit like that in Hamilton is known as: Game over.

By the time Hamilton rookie quarterback Timmy Chang left with 59 seconds to play in the third quarter Printers had seen his new team fall behind 32-8.

"When you're standing there you just wish you could go out there and help," Printers said. "The thing is we've got a young, green team here. I know how to beat (the Argos). I was seeing some things as I was watching. I almost went up to the coach and said, 'try this ...' but I just got here."


So, for one game, he stayed silent. He took notes. And, he says opponents better get their jollies now because this Ticats' team will rise again.

"I'm telling you this team is only three or four plays away from being a very good team. We're not far away. People are going to be surprised when we start winning. I know people are going to say: 'How can you say that when we've been so bad?'

"But from what I've seen today -- I don't look at the score, I look at little things -- these guys could've packed it in when they were down 32-5 and they didn't. There were a few near misses (on tackles), a few routes that were messed up. But the players we've got here are good enough to win."

But it didn't happen with veteran Jason Maas. And, it hasn't been in evidence the past two games with Chang, who has now thrown more passes for interceptions than he has for touchdowns.

"We had guys open and couldn't get them the ball. That's going to be my job," Printers said.

Yesterday, the closest Printers came to a football was at the half when he could be seen playing catch with Chang. "He wouldn't even have known the snap count," said coach Charlie Taaffe, when asked if there'd been any temptation to switch plans and put the former CFL most valuable player into the game.

Instead, he stuck with Chang. "I thought he'd have a bit more poise this week," Taaffe said. "I don't want to be too harsh or critical but ..."

He didn't have to say anything. The evidence was in the forensics: Chang completed only 10 of 22 passes for 75 yards and had been intercepted four times when Taaffe ran up the white flag and sent third stringer Richie Williams in with 59 seconds to play in the third quarter.

Which brings us to the bright moment for Ticats' fans. Williams, who has had only three practice reps all year, directed his team to two touchdowns. He may just have won himself the backup role when Printers takes command. At least, he has got the coaching staff wondering. Said Taaffe, "Richie made a case for himself."

The only case Chang made for himself was the "basket" variety.

"I just told him to keep shooting. He made some bad throws," said Printers.

Taaffe was evasive when asked if Printers would be ready for next weekend against Winnipeg.

What does Printers' think? "I'm getting a feel for the plays and offensive concepts today just watching. This week we'll work on some small things."

And, then he wants the ball. After all, there's only so many horror shows a guy can stomach.

This has happened every game. A couple of missed passes, blown coverage by DB’s, penalties, etc. and there are probably 5 games that could have went the other way. However, the Cats haven’t been able to do anything to correct the mistakes.