As a young Tiger-Cats fan I wished I could.......

Ok...possible goofy thread to follow....but, what the's a change of pace...

As we are only one sleep away from our first game of the season (albeit a pre-season game in Toronto), I couldn't help but start thinking back about how I used to get so excited as a kid and wished I could see stuff behind the scenes like the locker room, coaches offices in the bunker, the players tunnel to the field, the press box etc, fact as I waited after the games till my heros like Angelo Mosca, Tommy Joe Coffey, Joe Zuger and Garney Henley came out of the locker room after a game to sign my autograph book, I used to peer into the locker room each time the door opened just to see if I could catch a glimpse into that special, magical world .....everything involving the Tiger-Cats seemed bigger than life back then...

It was great being a Tiger-Cat fan as a kid.....and still is actually....

Anyone else have similar memories as a kid down at Ivor Wynne?....(or Civic Stadium as it used to be called)

I'm still a kid, and I want to get behind the scenes, that'd be wicked. I just love the game though. I frighten little kids in front of me, my voice is really husky when I yell, don't know why. When they stare you're doing your job :stuck_out_tongue:

That's cool 'Miller'!...way to go!.....I'm glad the kids of today have that same "wide-eyed' enthusiasm not only for our team but for the city and wider community it represents....

It's good to see that guys like Henley, Mosca, Coffey and Zuger have been replaced with guys like Flick, Cheatwood, Ranek, Boreham, Maas, Eakin, Vaughn and the list goes on......The Tiger-Cats are a team which constantly evolves......the past always blends in with the present and future.....just the way a real "jungle"

Go Cats Go!......kick ass on 2006! :thup:

Hey Mikey I've actually been in the locker rooms..and dressed their for games too. My high school team always plays one game a year (sometimes two) and its such a thrill playin there, coming out of the locker room...seeing the field..seeing the sidelines. Its amazing. I've also had the unfortunate incident where i was stuck in the both. I was injured so i missed the game but i called in plays from the booth over a walkie talkie. Y'all should try it sometime.playing at ivor Wynne is the best; bar none

Sweet!....I always wondered what it would be like to sit at a locker in the Ticats locker room and strap on a uniform and pads and head out to play.....

that's where dreams are born for sure! 8)

Trying to sneak a peak, eh Mikey? :wink:

:lol: ....can't remember everything from way back then but I may have thought the cheerleaders lived in the Ticats locker room also...... :P

Oh yeah... We lived on the mountain and would hike down to what was then civic stadium to watch practice....we couldn't get close sounds improbable now, but I remember standing on the sidelines watching drills...even that wasn't close enough, so i had binoculars trained on tommy joe coffey...i found myself being impressed with how well the glasses worked -- you felt like you were on top of the action -- when coffey was almost on top of me...he ran an out and almost ran into us, which was when someone saw us and shooed us up into the stands...i also recall watching a red-faced rookie kicker trying to make the team, and wishing ian sunter luck, which seemed to kick in the following november...loved it as a kid, always have, even in the dark years.. i still get excited on game day...and now my kids do too.

It's called "puberty" Miller... :twisted:

A quick few memories--

1.. thinking the 'Litebrite' scoreboard was pure genious

2.. had my eyes glued on Ben Zambiasi

3.. getting red hot over 'TV blackouts' especially when it was scheduled to be on TV and some odd movie or pre-taped political discussion show would come on...then persuading my dad to drive to my grandparents in Brantford to see it on TV.

everything was larger than life as a kid.
The players were huge (from the kid perspective) way heavier than you were, older and had facial hair.
Now I'm just as tall or taller, heavier,older and I hate shaving everyday..

AHHH youth.

Ahaha, not what I meant, already been through that. It's just that between my normal voice, and my "defence" voice there is a huge difference, my voice becomes much more raspier. Although I guess it's pretty deep as it is. Dunno, I just like the looks on the kids faces it's funny. lol

WOW !!! Nice one

Fav memory, easy

Coming out of the Cheerleading dressing room, the first game, full uniform, hair, makeup, and hitting the white sideline, and punching my fist into the air with my golden Pom Poms shining. It was a sureal moment and one that I will never forget.

Oh yea and getting my picture taken sitting on the cross bar at the West endzone. Boy is it high from up there !!