As a ticats fan I was wondering...

hey there to al you bc fans, i havnt bin really catching up on other teams progress this off season, can anybody tell me how things are looking for u guys out west? is BC going to be a big player this year, i havnt heard much from them this off season, what do you guys feel are going to be your strengths/weakness's this season?

All you need to know is.....


and then they're gonna win the Grey Cup

I think BC will surprise alot of people who've discounted them based on BC's late season slide in '05 .
They've brought in a bunch of new o-linemen for a big battle for the two tackle spots . Barrin Simpson look's like he'll be quickly forgotten with Jamal Johnson and Javy Glatt both looking terrific fighting for his spot.
Bring in Korey Banks to go with an already formidable group of DB's and the defence should be better than last season.
New offensive playbook designed for DD and to answer last year's shortcomings should really help.The allstar receiving core with a healthy Tony Simmons back is looking very formidable.
BC will be there in the hunt. Don't worry about us. I say they'll take first place in the west again.

Yes I agree with pennw....................good players with bad attitudes can easily be replace....and I say wally go ahead and do it............the last thing we need is another winy like that punk kid casey and finnigan wah wah good as he was..........he was a one time brain for da game........

Printers was a fluke? Are you kidding? At least he's healthy.

Printers was not ready to play for most of last season due to a shoulder injury.

Oh is Hamilton in the Western Part of the country, probably not. Did not realize that any one from West of Manitoba knew where the West was?
We are not T.O , or heaven sake Ontario...We are the West and can do with out the East period. :stuck_out_tongue: