As we come on here and play coach gm etc we moan about paying for a sorry product etc etc.
For many years ive been a sth and years before that i was a fan at heart and still am and always will be.
And in my years ive seen the ugly the good and the great.
For me the ticats are away to forget my everyday struggles in life u go to a game with buddys u have a laff a few beers meet different ppl and at the end it was a nite out.
If the games away i cook some wings drink some beer and watch on tsn either way i look at it its a few hours to just let go and release some emotions.
The up coming year has me excitied to walk into a new stadium itll be different no its not the old girl and no its not on west harbour east mountain etc etc.
But at the end of it all its just a game here we sit bitching and moaning while there ppl out there dying going bankrupt etc etc just makes me wonder if being a ticat supporter is really all the bad????

im guessing ur replys say it all way to be cat fans

We should be thankful that Bob came in and saved the team, otherwise we wouldn't have a team to cheer for or complain about. :lol:

Just my two cents worth.

You know, no matter how many games they win or loose I still love to watch my Cats play. So I am thankful that there is a Hamilton Tiger-Cats! :thup:

The 50's, 60's and 80's most off all. But also for a lot more great experiences and memories from 63 seasons and, today, for the fact that we still have a team and hopes for future successes.

A lifetime of affordable entertainment for multiple generations of my family. Wins, losses, playoffs and Grey Cups. A uniquely Canadian game with players who are for the most part engaging to their fans base as in many of the owners and staff.

Currently, it is most definitely an owner who obviously loves the team and who is willing to loose money until the business model is changed with the new stadium and who loved his brother enough to buy the team when he easily could have done other things for more profitable with his money.

And today - A WIN next week who knows but this week we celebrate a WIN!! And that's what a Ticat fan really cares about!!
Oh yeah, in this town we love the Sacks as well! Oskee Wee Wee

Think about the 96 year old season ticket holder, Norman Levitt who died this week, had season tickets since 1947!!
That is dedication he will be truly missed.

i'm thankful for all the memories good or bad.. :cowboy:

this is so true, thanks Bob :smiley:

.............This Forum, which produces the highest amount of traffic arguable amongst any CFL Forum :thup: