AS a ticat fan here's what most of us do

So hank has been hisself lately last game throws a few pics and as a fan majority of us go to the media and post on here we need to bench him or better yet get rid of him altogether. But when he's hot oh boy greateset thing since sliced bread etc etc Realax ppl I'm sure we all have bad days at the office not to mention weeks.I'm still with u henry ur are best qb keep up the good work

you're absolutely right Ticatbill. I personally keep reminding myself that even after a bad week he still tops the passing records for this year. The season ain't over.

Hey it's not all Hank's fault and all too often fans think it is, If Burris gets sacked it's a number of reasons outside of the QB but because he's the QB and leader he will take the all the crap from the fans.

For one thing, our receivers are as slow as molasses, so when they run routes they are all covered the majority of the time, plus our offensive line without Figs in play, is just an average line trying to hold back a rush defense. I'm glad the Coaches and management saw the light of day to bring in this guy Banks as a WR/KR and a guy with speed because we need players who can stretch the field, open up the big play so the guys like Fantuz, Grant and Elligson can get time to get open underneath!

Obviously Hamilton misses a player of Chris Williams ability to make the big play happen and not only Henry Burris but also the other receivers for that very same fact, that he made other defenses miss, he drew in two man coverages which in turn opened the field up for other receivers. Look at Calgary, Glenn had three fast receivers who could throw to and every-time at least one was open, makes a huge difference.

I’m thinking “majority of us” is a bit of an overstatement. There is definitely a very vocal minority who seems to enjoy calling for heads to roll after every game, win or lose, and of course the quarterback is always a favourite target. I like to think the majority of us are a bit better than that.

Oh mite I add we stand behind a guy like Williams and defend him to the end and still wish him luck with his egotitacal NFL dream as we bury henry in the manure pile

Careful with the "we" there Bill (especially re Burris comment). I stand behind ALL Ti-cat players while they are on the field. I may not agree with everything they do or everything they say, however, they do play for my favorite football team and I want nothing but success for them and my team when they play.

Some do, and some don't.

Some do, and some don't.

Are there any posters who do both? Not sure, but my guess would be very few if any.

Tune into the 5th quater or the ticat show on 900 listen and u shall see

Tune into the 5th quater or the ticat show on 900 listen and u shall see