As a Cat fan....I will now cheer for the Lions

I want the Als to win.

I'm hopin that if they win, AC and BC and BC will retire and then we have a good shot at the East title next year.

Although I still think it would be hilarious for the East Champs to be BC!

With the Cats gone I am pulling for Calgary. If they get into the Cup you can be sure that my cowboy hat will be on my head. :cowboy:

I think that a true football fan will watch the Grey Cup with enthusiasm and hopefully the quality of the game will be outstanding.

GO STAMPS GO! :thup:


I am cheering for Montreal to win the GC. I think AC is an amazing quarterback who deserves the GC ring before he retires. In the GC game I would like to see Montreal play Calgary, with a Montreal win.

Green Riders are always my 2nd team. Love their fans out there.

I'll root for the Als in the East final. I don't like the crossover, and would not want an all-West Grey Cup. In the West I'm rooting for the Riders. For the Grey Cup, I'm not sure yet. I like the Riders, and I have family there. But I admire Calvillo and Ben Cahoon and would be happy to see them win it too.

I am happy there are still some people who root for the East
because of the East/West rivalry and today, I am one of them.

Go Montreal, you have been our only hope
for so many years it's time for you to win.


I have always rooted for Ottawa or Montreal
but never Toronto vs any Western team

I still think of Winnipeg as a western team

and I have never liked, or rooted for, them
since they've been in the Eastern Conference

The Als, with Calvillo and Cahoon are something very special that won't be around much longer. that tteam has been so good for so long and have a dsiproportionately small amount of grey Cups to show for it.

For those reasons I want the Alouettes to win the Grey Cup. They deserve it. ( but of course they have to earn it first)

It would be great to see BC representing the East and Calgary representing the West!

i'm going for the Als without question. Cahoon is one of my all-time favorite CFL players , non-import or import..

I’ve got a hate on for prima donna probably-oils-his-pants Printers, that smug Buono, and the Lions in general even though I now live in Vancouver…lol. I sooo want Montreal to pummel the Lions and put them in their place. Fourth place western teams don’t deserve to be in and eastern final. In fact, the crossover should be eliminated altogether in order to maintain an east vs west Grey Cup.

I think only the Cats had a chance to beat the Larks this year but we’ll never know. The Cats had no business losing that game. There was like a perfect storm of negative events that allowed the lowly Lions that win after backing into the playoffs. C’est la vie. We’ll have a better chance in 2010.