As a Cat fan....I will now cheer for the Lions

It's too bad.....
After a play-off game like that...both the Cats and the Lions deserve full credit for one of the most entertaining play-off games that I have a very long time.
Since our Cats will not be playing in Montreal next week....I will be cheering for the Lions.
I hope they knock Montreal....right on their @ss.


Go Als, go Stamps

In the Grey Cup my order of preference is


My pick is the Als

I'm kinda hoping for the Als to win so that AC, Cahoon and Chiu can FINALLY retire. :lol:


Als, to beat Calgary.

I have to go with Saskatchewan.

I think it will be a Montreal, Saskatchewan Grey Cup with the Riders winning.

I think you would have to vote for the AL'S the last East Team ...!!!!

But i am going for Green Backs.....Sask has a good team id like to see the Rider pride fans get a Chance ...

Withe Cats out, I really do not care who wins the Cup.

Hell no, I can`t stand the Als!!!!

yes an all-West final in Calgary what could be better!

O did I have to pick a western rep OK
Als beat Riders

Go 'Riders!!!!!!

I agree. I can't cheer for the Lions because they were the team that eliminated my Cats (though in some ways the Cats eliminated themselves). I'm hoping it's the Riders vs the Als and in that scenario.....I'll cheer for the Riders.

I always hope an Eastern team wins the Cup, with one exception of course, never want to see the blew team win it. I would like to see Calgary and Montreal in the big show with Montreal winning it.

We can't have a Grey Cup with no Eastern Division team in it. I'm no huge fan of the Als, and in fact I cheered for the Lions both times they played in the regular season.


(Then lose in the Grey Cup, please.) :smiley:

HAHA! I agree! :slight_smile:

After living in Vancouver since 2003 though I have adopted the Lions as my 2nd team. Although the semi-final loss by the Cats really hurts me deep down I am at least happy they lost to the Lions rather than anyone else.

I hope BC makes the most of their opportunity. As much as I dislike Printers in some ways I still want to see him succeed because he has such raw talent. When he is on his game it's a beautiful thing to watch.

Sorry but as much as I detest the Als, I could never cheer for a Western team (and BC is a Western team). I also have alot of respect for guys like AC, Cahoon and Chiu--the old warriors who refuse to rest on past glories.

An Argo-Cat fan

Bad enough Printers beat us. I'd cheer for the argos over BC if it would keep him out of the grey cup.

I'll just watch the East/ West finals then the Grey Cup game which will be a party, a little pizza, a little beer,drown my sorrows, with a Blue Bombers fan, maybe even an Argo fan thrown in. :slight_smile:

I hope the Bomber and Argo fans that you refer to are the party pinatas! :smiley:

I have to root for BC. Printers is the reason. The Cats should not have let him go. I hope he and the Lions win the cup. If it can't be the Cats, it should be Printers.