As a big CFL fan and you see someone wearing

an NFL or MLB cap, which bothers you more if it does bother you?

Doesn't bother me at all.

X2 I'm O.K. with it also.

Why does that bother you? I'm a Ticats fan but I also wear an Eagles hat. That kind of thing does bother me at games though. No need to support a completely different team than the ones that are playing.

only when someone wears an NFL Jersey to a CFL game. like what does that prove?

hehe like going to a Hockey game that is involving two American teams and having a Calgary Flames or Vancouver canucks Jersey..


The next time I go to Commonwealth I'm going to get an Eskimo jersey. For the NFL; a New York Jets winter jacket I'd like.

Maybe 'bother' isn't the word. I guess for me I prefer to see someone wearing an NFL hat rather than MLB hat because at least it's football but I admit some people who wear any league's hat isn't necessarily a fan of that team or league, sometimes it's just about being cool or they like the emblem whatever.

Sort of a lame thread maybe? :?

I can only care about so many things at once. This doesn't make the list.

Yes. Not really sure the point of this... I suggest you seek help if these sorts of things bother you to the point of starting a discussion.

This really is a non issue I think.

However, I personally can't stand it when people where wool sweaters, especially when its not even that cold. I think they are just trying to prove how cool they are that they can wear wool even when its warm out. :roll:

It seems as if in the last 10 years or so at Ivor Wynne, the portion of people adorning Tiger-Cats merchandise and colours has increased substantially while the instances of random NFL garb has decreased or at least has been washed out by non-Steeler-Penguins-Pirates-Bruins black and gold.

I don’t see why people feel that because they’re going to see football, they have to put on a Tom Brady jersey at a Cats-Bombers game. I mean, you’re there to support one of the clubs or simply enjoy pro football. I always felt that NFL garb at CFL games was a snub at the CFL. To me, to do so is as if to say, “Yeah sure I’m here but these colours, that league and team are really my favourite and I’d much rather see that than this.”

I think when the VAST majority of attending fans have taken the time and spent the money to don club colours, it says something about the real value and meaning of that team to the community.

So I’m happy that today a Ti-Cats game is much more black and gold than it was 10 or 15 years ago.

Yes. Not really sure the point of this... I suggest you seek help if these sorts of things bother you to the point of starting a discussion.

Will do Brad. :wink:

Yup joedav, come to think of it TiCats games now you do see more black and gold than years ago, percentage wise as well I think.

my daughter wears touque/beanie hat/skull cap in the summer. drives me bonkers. +26 out and she has a wool cap on.

It doesn't bother me to see an individual person wearing NFL stuff. I do wish the the proportion of CFL to NFL stuff was tilted less towards the NFL than it is, though. In Kingston, you could pick one of the more popular teams or recent Super Bowl winners and you'll probably see more people wearing stuff from that particular team than the total number people wearing CFL stuff.

the problem is also jersey city. that place is a joke. sposed to be the official supplier of CFL merch. Yeah, if your a Riders fan... I get they make the most money off it. But i should be able to buy a Rambo jersey just as easily as i can a chargers jersey, or a L.A. lakers jersey. Hopfully that marriage is almost over. we need more stores selling more options.

Sometimes I'll see someone with say, a Steelers hat and jersey and I'll go up to them and say, "are you from the States?"

Then they look kind of incredulous, "No...."

"Oh, I just saw the hat and jersey and thought you were from there."

It's a nice way of asking if they're an American wannabe. :lol:

I was thinking though that people in Canada who don't live in an American city with an NFL team or any team in any league that that team isn't in the city they live in, don't get a chance to wear their team's stuff to the game in the city. Meaning if they want to feel good wearing their team's stuff, they just have to do it without going to a game. They don't have the opportunity to wear their stuff on game days in the city they live in and go to the stadium in town with thousands of other fans for the game.

It's great on game days getting my TiCats stuff on and heading to the game and I don't feel I need to wear it as much, although I still do a fair bit, when there is no game to attend.

Only when they wear it to the CFL game, and the colors don't match either team/the team doesn't come from either city that is playing. For example, a Steelers jersey in a Hamilton vs Toronto game is fine, jersey's are expensive and you're still showing support by wearing black and gold. Even if the colors don't match though, Bulldogs, Marlies, TFC, Jays, Raptors, Rock, Nationals or Leafs attire is fine, you are stating what city you are getting behind. However, wearing a Vikings Jersey to said game? Yeah...that's not cool. I wasn't aware there was a purple team in the CFL.

I would only wear a product from the league of the game I'm attending. I would never wear an eagles hat or jersey to a Ticat game. However if I were to move to BC, it should be fine if I wore a Ticat jersey and the lions were playing Calgary, since the Ticats are still my team.

Once in a while, very rare mind you although I've done it myself, you'll see someone wearing something from both a CFL and NFL team at the same time, that's fairly neat.