Artist`s rendering of Pan Am stadium

For the love of all that is good no.

That has to be one of the ugliest things I've ever seen.

The trouble with "bid" stadiums is the designers try to catch the eye of the people awarding the event when everyone knows, this example below is all you really need ie: seats for a lot of bums, lots of washrooms and lots of beer and food concessions.

Actually, the above is quite unsatisfactory as it does not have a track. IMO the bid design loks cool and the location is terrific.

I kinda like it. Especially the 'lower profile' design. Kinda similar to Oregon's college football stadium.

I like it too.

I like it also. I wonder if the un open end has endzone seating? Cant tell form the drawing

Ideally, it would be nice to plan it so the track can disappear after the games.

Otherwise, we will have Skydome-esque sightlines.

I assume this is the 15,000 seat version which
meets the 2015 Pan Am Games requirements.

I hope 10,000 more seats wil be added prior to the Games
so the Tiger Cats can get play there a couple years earlier.

Perhaps another deck on the east side

and seating in both end zones

Subtle differences from Ivor Wynne Stadium:

The west side of the stadium offers protection
from the prevailing Westerly winds for our kickers

and may help to block the sun from receivers whose
eyes are looking up to the west when tracking down a ball

at least in the early evening and just before sundown.

Looks excellent to me! And I like the fact it is sunk in the ground or so it appears so less stadium up top which I assume local residents wouldn't want. And easy to put another level on the east side for sure.

Personally, I would be upset if the track is removed, I don't mind being a bit farther away at all. Track and field is an excellent sport for kids and Hamilton can promote all sorts of track and field events in this stadium, be a leader in this respect. I remember running at OFSAA finals in high school at CNE and I was awed to run on that track knowing Grey Cups have been played on that field. It still gives me goose bumps. Please, please, please, for the sake of our kids athletic programs, don't remove the track!!!!!!!

I wished they designed it for football since it will be a footballl stadioum forever after the games.

The first row of seats closest to the track should be set higher so that after the games the track can be removed and seats added to the front row just like what was done at Ivor Wynne's south side.

A BIG NO THANK YOU! The sightlines on that design are like sitting at the Skydome...too far from the action.

Please design it with seating that can roll over the track for football games. In order to accomplish that, the field itself will need to be lower, but that will give a better view of the field.

Come on woody, get real, like the Skydome? Hardly, the Skydome was built with the seating mainly for baseball, the football sightlines in the lower level are out of wack for football. My eyes don't see that at all with this stadium which is designed for track, yes, but along with the oval design for football and soccer. Sure, a bit farther than IWS but big deal, IWS is built with the seating too close to the field IMHO, dangerous for the players as we've seen over the years. Don't you think?

Exactly! And you are telling me to GET REAL??? :roll:

Look at the angle of the seating...look at the distance to the field. Very similar!

And No, I don't think Ivor Wynne is dangerous for the players. What is dangerous is the camera cart. Technology allows much better overhead camera positions today.

I'm sorry, I don't see that except that yes, the seating would be farther than IWS but the slope of the lower level is not nearly like the Skydome where it is too shallow the slope, here it is not as shallow, steeper.

Look, people who want nothing but how IWS is are going to win the argument all the time, I'll agree with that. I'm someone who thinks IWS isn't all that perfect when you take in so many other factors when building something new, exact closeness to the field IMO is but one factor. I've seen players being rammed into the walls at IWS, that to me is what I call a bit of a hazard.

If you look at other stadia of this type, the track is used rarely - if at all - after the inital event. There just isn't the market for track and field events - unless it's the Olympics etc. It's reasonable to assume that the 'crowds' for high school/college track meets could easily be accommodated at a university track field.

What happens, instead, is that the track ruins the view for years to come. Think of Stadio Olimpico in Rome - where the spectators are light years away from the action - or Commonwealth in edmonton.

Well, respectfully, let's agree to disagree on that then. :wink: But perhaps you might like to re-read my initial post on the subject...rolling seating...a little deeper field affording a better angle. :wink:


It looks like some geek architect's idea of a stadium who has probably never played sports. Appealing to everyone you end up making no one happy.

With the distance from the field you might as well stay home and watch the game there.

Well, respectfully, let’s agree to disagree on that then. But perhaps you might like to re-read my initial post on the subject…rolling seating…a little deeper field affording a better angle.

Ok, I’m good with that if the rolling seating can be done at a steep enough angle to make the seats worthwhile to sit in otherwise no use for this.

Also, I think it is very likely that this is but a first run at a stadium design and hasn’t been done with all the architect’s inputs and that, basically a mock-up quick version of what a stadium might look like albeit it is going to have a track of some shape or form since it is the Pan-Am Games after all which might be ‘yuck’ to anyone who thinks track and field is a waste of time. :wink:

Sorry Earl, but track and field is a waste of time compared to football. Where's the professional track league? Track is an amateur sport that exists for high school and university kids. A part from their parents, hardly anyone goes to watch a track meet. If the CBC wasn't a tax dollar black hole you wouldn't see track on television except for the Olympics. As taze pointed out, these stadiums are built for track events but then hardly ever used afterwards. Professional football is the main tenant and should be given priority to the paying fans.