Artificial turf coming to Commonwealth

yup the grass was awful. it looked like it had been covered in sewage and then cleaned up but leaving the colors.

I saw so often players that could not maintain a grip and unable to get any edge when cutting up field!


the only thing that wont work is umm the grass will die unless u plan on watering it and putting it in a pot or something.

I hope this is not true and is only a early April fools joke . Football was ment to be played on real Grass . :cry: :cry: :cry:

are there any pictures of the work being done at commonwealth?

are new seats going in before the start of this season?

They’re replacing the field and updating the lockerrooms, obviously… apart from that, I’m not sure if they’re doing anything else. They are building a recreation centre, which will be attached to the stadium.

There are pics here…

According to Rick LeLacheur, it’ll have a track, a couple swimming pools, a weight lifting room, etc.

yea, those are the same out-dated pics i found.
was hoping for something more current.

Unfortunately, that's all there is on the official site. I wouldn't mind seeing some pics of the progress of the lockerrooms, but nothing yet...

Some stuff on the Edmonton Journal Website:

[url=] ... story.html[/url]

thanks for those pics.

2 questions;

-what is under the new field turf? cement? the turf doesnt look too thick.
-are there new seats going in?

This sounds like a job for one of our undercover operatives in Alberta ...transmitting cipher now back to you The Chief Lord will stand by ...

Thanks for the pics. I took one look at the second pic and thought, Man, that's one big doobie. :lol: Been a long day...

I can't believe what I'm seeing, maybe the change will be good .