Artificial turf coming to Commonwealth

Recommended artificial turf; Hopefully it goes thru in time for the 2010 season and thus will be a thing of beauty for the 98th Grey Cup classic. :thup: Then again I do like grass fields.

It's a City Council vote away from being done!

2.6 million to do it, 2.1 m comes from Commonwealths reserve fund.. while the team will put up the 500,000 for it.

and it'll be in by the start of the 2010 season.

it's about time! and the city and CFL will benefit from it for sure!

But isn't this the last remaining natural grass field in the league? :frowning:

I think it is unless the new Empire field in Vancouver will be a grass field.

No say it ain't so, we want Commonwealth to remain that natural smell of grass.

oh no…
from a football perspective this is terrible

i guess from a multipurpose facility then its good.

huge home field edge will be gone the past five seasons the EEs are 27-17-1 at home...significant but not really a huge advantage....

But, at the same time they were 15-30 on the road.

Not the Esks best 5 years that's for sure.

From what I read in the Edmonton Journal on Eskimo's news; council voted in favour for artificial turf. :rockin:

Damn, i do realize we need it somewhat, but i loved Commonwealth knowing we had the only grass field in the league, i dont like the change, its part of our tradition

Yeah no kidding. Apparently Red And White out of Calgary noted with a file photo that some of the long-time locals are really looking rugged over this one:


Paolo X; How many more interests do you have? Sunday July 04th vs B.C. rings a bell. :wink:

considering the team wanted this change.. it's hard to argue it really.

Next week the grass gets ripped up at Commonweath and thus the new turf will have a cushioned pad beneath it, an upgrade of what’s in Clarke Stadium. New field could be ready by the end of May just in time for training camp which begins for the Eskimos June 6th.

...I know I should be talking to someone in the EE PR department, but why not sell off rolls of turf to fans?...the sod could be cut and rolled just like a sod farm does....for someone building a new house or relandscaping an old one in Edmonton how cool would that be to say your entire back yard was from Commonwealth?...

Excellent idea red and white, hopefully the grass ends up usefull to some place in need.

it's honestly a good idea.. but the grass right now is likely in it's dead or sleeping stage, so and the fact they wanna remove it right away, doesn't give them the ability to do your idea.

not a bad one though! :slight_smile:

That is an awesome idea. I'd love to own a piece of Commonwealth grass. :thup:

Back to the grass I say now damnit -- check out the NFL's own study on field turf and consider what happened to top receiver Wes Welker last season to put him out for most of this coming season as well:

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Great Ideal!!!!
Last season, as I watched the T.O. game and B.C. game, I couldnt believe how many players I saw slipping all over the place. The field look like sh*t and the footing looked worse. Most of the players I saw slipping was the Eskimos. Home field advantage, I think not.
I like the nataural grass. The tradition and the fact that Edmonton had the last remaining grass field. But going to a game and wondering "what was up with the 5yd line to endzone strip" being a different color, then it came to me, there was a concert just a couple days earlier and that was where the stage was. Concert was great, field ended up being horrible.
I was against artificial grass a few years ago, but now, I am all for it.