Artificial stadium noise at EDF

The Rogers Centre staff had some pre-recorded cheers to get the Toronto faithful to cheer. One piece was used during almost every play when the Ticats had the ball: it sounded like a snare drum being banged four or five times followed by a rumbling sound that lasted about five to ten seconds. If I remember correctly, the snare began around the time that the referee whistled in the play, so the rumbling usually lasted until the snap.

The CFL Official Playing Rules (2011) are on the CFL website and Section 7, Article 10, addresses crowd noise during a game. The first part was a surprise to me. The second part, however, makes for interesting reading:

[b]Article 10 – Crowd Noise
The Team A captain may request the Referee to stop the game if excessive crowd noise prevents Team A from putting the ball into play. The Referee may permit Team A to return to its huddle. The Referee shall allow reasonable time but under no circumstances shall the play be delayed more than three times.

In the event that the home team permits in its stadium the use of either electronic equipment or high volume loudspeakers when the visiting team is attempting to put the ball in play, with the result that the game is delayed, the home team shall be subject to penalty for delay of game.

Penalty: Loss of 10[/b]

The rule book is here for those who are interested:

Anyway, I'm wondering: were the Rogers staff breaking this rule? Could the Ticats have called them on it? Does anyone remember a time when this rule was invoked during a game? If I remember correctly, Ivor Wynne / Alumni staff usually turn off the pre-recorded noise just after the play is whistled in. But maybe I'm just a homer.

Montreal was accused of this same thing in the Big O. It is very hard to prove with the crowd noise mixed in. As long as the speakers are turned off by the snap of the ball, it's ok.

I hate to break this to you HA, but the Argo's actually have a group of fan drummers who sat in section 134b. I know because one of them seemed to get into a beef with Pigskin Pete. They use really big standup drums, and they rumble the drums right as the play is about to begin. They also have the Argonotes who probably contributed as well.

I know about the snare drum piped in, and to be fair I know the Ti-Cats have used pre-recorded Defence cheers, and obviously player noise request videos to amp up the crowd, so there's no foul on that front. Generally that happens until the huddle is broken up, but generally the refs don't get involved unless someone in the crowd is using a loud speaker or is someone in the crowd is blowing a whistle. I've also never seen a team captain request crowd noise be halted, because if it's that loud, the fans aren't likely to respond anyways.

Wow. If that sound was live and not pre-recorded, then props to the Toronto drummers. The rumbling sounded like something from an earthquake movie at the cineplex. I was in the back row of 132 and didn't see them.

I can confirm the drummers in 134b - after making the same accusations my friend pointed them out.
They did very well to be honest.

Well regardless of what they treid to do it didn't work and the sky dump is really quiet and will be for a long time