Artificial Noise

This drives me crazy every game. The defence is on the field and the announcer encourages the fans to make some noise. Then for the next 10 seconds, up to 3 seconds before the snap of the ball, the "Make Some Noise" shows up on the scoreboard and all you can hear is artificial noise. It's frustrating to try and cheer over it. You wait until it's finished and cheer for those 3 seconds. I'm sure the players would rather hear the fans. You would think with 30,000 fans, we wouldn't need the artificial noise.

you have this completely wrong.
the defense likes noise and likes it loud, they don't care what your saying or where the noise is coming from. Why cant you make noise when they have music playing or the announcer making noise?

Its against the rules to operate the stadium sound system after the huddle has broken. Hamilton was penalized for this last in 2005 against Saskatchewan.

I dono if that the rule but if it is no one follows it.
Toronto pumps music almost right until the snap.

It is followed albeit sloppily and enforced. While both in Hamilton and Toronto, they aren't always on cue with the music cutting out a few seconds after the huddle breaks sometimes, it is almost always silenced before the offence reaches the line. Hamilton was penalized for fake crowd noise in 2005, I'm not sure if the penalty has been assessed elsewhere since.

The music in Toronto is annoying, echoes in the cavernous dome and kills any football atmosphere, but they still follow the rules.

Tiger-Cats fans have to be spoon fed thats why, they still dont get it that it has to be LOUD on DEFENCE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

LOL, Thats what the 13th Mans job is, to make noise when the other Teams offense is one the line!

And not when we're on offence, especially on 2nd and short, like they did Labour Day. :x