Article written about Toronto and the Grey Cup

I stand by my comment, for all we know you are likely one of them?

Not at all. I don't care for the NFL. I enjoyed the Grey Cup this past Sunday but I don't follow the CFL to any religious level.

There's got to be more to it than having apathy towards the CFL and having an interest (usually only a passing one) in the NFL to make someone an "American wannabe". Or is that it?

You have to be kidding, if so please get your head out of the stand.
For decades the rest of the country has hated us for a reason and the CFL is just one of those many reason.
Politically, economically, socially etc, the arrogance of this region towards the rest is astounding.
It's not a perception my friend in the many parts of Canada that I have travelled from coast to coast it is a reality.
One line simply says it all "World Class City" a moniker that I personally have hated since it reared it's ugly head on a regular bais.
Like some sort of anointment.

Please be more specific with examples. What arrogant attitude have people in this region shown towards the rest? What did you encounter in your travels from coast to coast?

Have you travelled?
If so, have you encountered any anti Toronto sentiment?
If so, you should be able to answer your own question.

Let's not throw the baby out with the bath water, or whatever. Toronto's football malaise could be turned around very quickly, with an exciting and winning team playing at BMO, for instance. This is really a no-brainer. The Argos will be a success, even a football-challenged populace like Toronto will catch on sooner or later. Canadian football is terrific! The 2012 Grey Cup in Toronto was the biggest and best Grey Cup in history. I can't believe all those fans have completely turned off the CFL...for what reason? (which includes the 3,600,000 people in extended Toronto market who watched all or part of the 2012 Grey Cup.) :thup:

I have and no, I haven't encountered anything of the sort.

It seems like you have. I ask why you have such a "blame the victim" mentality when these individuals you encountered are the ones saying bad things about your city. You can't conclude that Torontonions have an "American wannabe" attitude from that. Sounds more like those bad apples you encountered have an anti Toronto attitude.

Unfortunately they will be hosting 2 times in the next 9 years. Part of the sale.

Two disconnected stands, no coverings, and artificial turf in the middle of a shit neighbourhood. THF has it all!

Your argument is that Toronto is a wannabe US city and you back it up by stating that Americans recognize the CFL but Toronto doesn't. Makes sense. :lol:

C'mon, nobody? Really?? You can't tell me that the bars around town on Sundays chock full of Brady and Roethlisberger jerseys, saying cutsie American affectations like "The Ray-duhs," "Big D," "The Boys," "Cincy," "Da Bears!" and "N'awlins" don't have a touch of red, white, and blue envy. :roll:

Anyway, had the Argos had a 13-5 season instead of 5-13, we likely wouldn't be having this discussion. I'd really like to see the Argos have several dominant Stampeder-like years with 12 and 13 win seasons before definitively stating that Toronto is not a viable CFL market. You're never going to win over everybody, but you're certainly going to win over enough people to abate this silly "Toronto hates the CFL" obsession.

Yes absolutely and you can laugh all you want.
I am a realist not blinded like you.

Oh good.

I think Auburn is just pointing out the irony in calling someone from Toronto an "American Wannabe" or seeking validation through the media south of the border when so many users here jump up with glee like a little school girl when ESPN or some American newspaper mentions the CFL. It's quite amusing actually.

I lived in Toronto for 10 years. It was both the best of times and the worst of times. I was sad when I moved away, but I can't say I really miss it much anymore. I get really tired of the whole negative, inferior attitude of many Torontonians. Nothing Canadian seems good enough for their ilk. It's pretty pathetic really. I'll never forget that total dick I used to play softball with who was so condescending when I told him I was a CFL fan, and then bragged about going to Bills games. He's a loser supporting a loser's team.

So, more than 20 years later here I am living in Raider country and still supporting the great CFL as best I can. I wonder who the REAL fan is now.

In living here most of my life, I have no reservation calling a spade a spade.
Not to mention how the majority here are not only blinded by the elephant in the room they keep drinking the local kool aid provided by the Rogers and tag along wannabe media big time.
I on the other hand am not a sellout and value what little Canadian traditions that we have left including the CFL.

No, you're just an individual who likes to label people and you're upset the world, more specifically your city, isn't the way you like it to be. People are different and have their own preferences. Sure, some of it could be media driven, but a lot of it has to do with socioeconomic factors, the environment they grew up in and parental upbringing to name a few things. Labeling people and getting upset, even though you're masquerading it as "calling a spade a spade" is nothing more than your own depression being projected out into the world, in this situation an internet forum.

I lived in T.O. for 25 years, and I'm glad I bailed also. My quality of life has improved 100%.
A lot of Torontonians do not know their a55es from holes in the ground and they think they are king/queen sh!ts of turd island.
Toronto - world class, my a55. Nice place to visit for a week, but I'd never want to live there!

I meant no offence to you or to great fans like you, ArgoT.


Thanks rp no offence taken.
There are still a few of us left here, but I am afraid that number is dwindling big time.
Too bad we cannot set adrift the vast masses with their World Class City crap on an island.

There's nothing wrong with people being proud of their city and trying to improve it. You should take a page out of their book and see what you can do as well to make this place better. It would be better than complaining and labelling things. Only small minds do that.