article- Vanderjagt Released!(Could he return to the CFL?)

Cowboys dump Vanderjagt, sign Gramatica Click here to find out more!

Adam Schefter By Adam Schefter
NFL Analyst

(Nov. 27, 2006) -- The Cowboys employ a former Colts kicker -- but it isn't Mike Vanderjagt anymore.

Ending a saga that has continued throughout this season, the Cowboys waived former Colts kicker Vanderjagt and signed former Colts kicker Martin Gramatica, who spent three games with Indianapolis earlier this season.

The move turned out to be a costly experiment for the Cowboys. They gave Vanderjagt a $2.5 million signing bonus this offseason, but he struggled on field goals, kickoffs and was a constant source of consternation for Cowboys coach Bill Parcells. The Cowboys began making calls on other kickers at least two weeks ago, inquiring into the availability of such players as former Dallas kicker Billy Cundiff. But the team opted to go with Gramatica, who has connected on 138 of 180 field goals during his NFL career.

And just as the Cowboys made a headline-grabbing move at quarterback, they now have done the same at kicker.

How many did he miss that they're bitching? When I saw a clip on The Score yesterday, they said he was 13 of 18, which I thought was pretty good.

Did I miss something?

a few of those misses were critical kicks. Parcell's has a history of not putting up with kickers, especially ones with big price tags. (he's making 1.5-1.8 i believe).

You'll also find, the NFL in general has less patience with players dropping balls, missing kicks, making errant passes etc. This decision is mostly a Parcell's thing .. and I would assume another NFL team could use his services (atlanta comes to mind, since their kicker is like 600 years older than damon allen)


Yup, Statik has a good angle. Parcell's doesn't like kickers, especially ones that miss in critical times.

I bet another NFL team will sign him.

Ahh, so overall, he's a good kicker, but missing a few at bad times, and maybe being Canadian(they said he was from London) resulted in his getting canned.

I think he's a good kicker, just missed a few important ones. (his pre-season was terrible .. and once Parcell's forms a judgment or opinion on someone, i don't think it changes)

In a league (and team) that has a history employing murderers, drug dealers, pedophiles, wife beaters, users and abusers of all sorts .. I sincerely doubt this man's atrocious and disgusting Canadian Heritage had anything to do with his removal.


Ya never know... :slight_smile:

I bet he will sign with Washington and the redskins will cut their kicker whose name is Novak i believe. I bet thats what will happen!

I love to see him in Hamilton.