article: Stadium in Halifax could be CFL home

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The lack of a suitable stadium has been the main deterrent to a CFL franchise being placed in Halifax.

Well, the possibility of the long-awaited 10th franchise took a positive step yesterday when Nova Scotia's capital gained the right to be Canada's bid city for the 2014 Commonwealth Games.

If successful in obtaining the Games, a stadium would be needed as a key venue.

And when the Games are done, the facility could then become the home of a CFL franchise.

CFL commissioner Tom Wright suggested last night that if Halifax gets the Games the building of a stadium could be accelerated and be useable long before the event take place.

He also said he is confident that the CFL would work with Halifax to make sure that any facility would be football suitable.

"One of the reasons for a city bidding for a global event like the Commonwealth Games is the legacy that is left behind," he said. "There would obviously be a legacy left for not only our game, but for soccer, track and field, rugby and other sports so you want to make sure it's a multi-purpose stadium."

Oh oh, Kanga will be so happy to hear that he'll hit us with his expansion ideas again!

........or maybe a friggin anime cartoon.......

...isnt that redandwhite2005's job?


ha ha, no more talk about expansion until after Halifax gets a team.

even I, Kanga-Kucha, have my limits.

just give me a CFL game like Madden, and I'll be content with the teams I create.