Article:Spec Today , A Test for concession Stands THF

Last season it was terrible eg: waited in line for a Coffee for 15 min East side sect 114 area, then they ran out of Coffee! At a stadium named after a Donut Chain :lol: :thup: I sure hope it is 100% improved as it was real crap last year , let's hear your last season experience with our new" world class" Levy Restaurants ?!

Based on the article I get the impression there is some finger pointing going on.

As with anything, it is ONLY about money. Making the most money with the least expense possible. Whether it was the Ticats or Levy that chose not to hire staff I don't know, I don't think they have released the contract.

That being said, someone made a choice to not hire staff, and then they made another choice to keep costs down and not train them until a few days before the game.

It's just a business decision. Now that the customers are not happy, I am sure they will make improvements.

From what Mitchell is saying in the article, the issue is the stadium is still not ready. Concession problems are an infrastructure problem.

Mitchell said the stadium still lacks infrastructure to properly serve concessions.

"The stadium is set up for fountain pop and draft beer, and neither of those systems are working yet. So you have thousands of cases of beer and we're just not set up to deal with that."

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Using the term "Trial and Error" in this trial there were some significant errors.
Hopefully they will evaluate these errors and redo their SOPs for the betterment of the business and fans.

When you open a brand new restaurant ( work in the industry) you over hire and over staff to handle the inexperience of your new employees while they learn and get better. Also to handle the increased demand and expectations of your guests. You cannot expect to open the doors with minimal untrained staff and be successful.

Levy dropped the ball and have rightfully been criticised. I remember last year waiting in line for a long time to get a coffee only to have the girl at the register tell us we could not have a coffee because they ran out and were too busy to make more. :thdn:

Whether it's the concession people, or as Scott Mitchell says it's becuase the stadium concession facilities aren't ready, it doesn't matter. The important thing is an improvement for next Monday night.

What is forgotten in all this is that the pre-season game is SOLD OUT - when was the last time a pre-season game was ever sold out??

Sold out, but a ton of free tickets were given out. Season ticket holders could get up to 4 tickets for free.

There's going to be a ton of no shows, like most preseason games.

Hard to train staff with only 12 hour occupancy permits last season so i hope it gets better.

I'm betting it will only be 50% full, its a Monday evening preseason game.... People are not that into football to g oto this type of game.

I am personally going, as it will be the only live football until August. Maybe others will feel the same.

I think y'all will be surprized at the amount going to the game. I know I will be there pre season or not.

Another solid reason that this game will likely be well attended is the two month wait till the next game

Sold Out Just wondering if the TiCats have ever sold out a pre season game before? i cant recall ever in my time as a fan but i could be wrong.

It's a good sign, even if there is a free ticket giveaway. One of the big money makers is concessions, someone mentioned $10.50 for a large draft, that is huge profit for the team. If you look at the balance sheet for Edmonton and Saskatchewan they made around $4 million from concession alone.

Just wondering, does anyone remember or know of a stadium that actually cooked burgers, dogs, and sausage on a real bar-b-que? Oh wait, I remember now, it was IWS. $145 million eh!

The whole problem with the concessions, fans waiting in lines etc. is all just part of the mismanagement of this entire project from start to someday finnish. Other cities have built stadiums three times the size of THF and have opened on time and to banner applaus from fans and people in their communities.

No doubt Tim Horton's Field is a beautiful stadium for football and I'm sure all the bugs will one day get worked out but all of this was predictable to happen from the start that's why before preparing for a major infrastructure project they do a proper risk anylises to work out the bugs ahead of time so everything flows smoothly when it's time to open the gates to the fans.

The last thing fans from a soccer match or a football game want now is a bad experience and all parties involved in this project should do everything to make the fans happy and keep the game experience positive.


And those stadiums have also benefited from AT LEAST $50M more in funding than THF. This is what ticks me off about Hamilton, now that I have moved away from it. The City ALWAYS cheaps out on everything, and ends up shooting itself in the foot.

Investors Group Field ended up costing $210M; and New Mosaic Stadium (in Regina) has a budget of $278M. Granted, both of these have a seating capacity of 33k, but it should be known that the majority of seats are/will be covered. What we got was shoddy workmanship, and a general contractor that doesn't seem to care if he EVER completes this project.

Even worse, (I only mention this as it related to THIS POST, I do NOT want this to turn into yet another argument over the stadium location) had Mayor Fred actually listened to the MAJORITY of Hamiltonians as well as the major tenant of the facility, THF would be in an entirely different location; one with highway, GO, probable LRT, and, most importantly, the SPACE available to build up a commercial/hotel/condo area around the stadium (take a look at the Landsdowne area in Ottawa). THAT would have been an instant injection for good, long-term, local jobs that the people of the city need. But no, Freddy-boy demanded that it would be the West Harbour or nothing. Then he lost his job as Mayor.

We all know the remainder of the story. The Tiger-Cats were essentially homeless for 2013 and had to play in Guelph and practice at Mac, they had to play their first 3 "home" games at Mac. Hamilton, this is a direct result of YOUR city council and YOUR mayor being more dysfunctional than any other I have heard of.

Confederation park woud've been a good location with the highway and soon to be added go station on Centennial. But again Chad Collins said not in my backyard.

ohoh -we've gone from "A test for concesion Stands THF" to the stadium debate again.
Can we resurrect that old thread?

Bringing it back to the OP, I know there were only about 15 k bodies tonight, but the concessions were much
better than at any point last year. Even at the half the lines weren't bad at all. Kudos to the beer girls in the stands and on the concourse, huge improvement in customer service!

This game the concessions were a lot better, but that said it wasn't quite a packed house either.