Article on Will Heyward

From the San Antonio Express-News

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Nice find PiCat! :thup:

A very good article!

Great article except this part.

From the outside looking in, athletes who toil in the obscurity of their sport’s most minor of minor leagues look crazy. They play for next to nothing in terms of dollars.
WTF? "Most minor of minor leagues"? They better have been talking about Arena league lol

Heyward is a beast, they shouldn't even consider taking him out of the starting lineup and I don't think they will.What a find by Obie :thup:

If you read past that paragraph you will read:

But every once in a while, a longshot like Will Heyward realizes his goal, and those like him have a new role model for never giving up.
That leads me to think that they are being complimentary towards the CFL and Will Heyward.

I had the same reaction as ~-Banshee-~ when I read that paragraph, but came to the same conclusion as kylek by the end. I get the sense that, having made it onto a CFL team, Heyward considers himself to have reached his goal.

Somebody should send a memo to American reporters that we're a bit sensitive up here, so if they use the phrase "minor league" in the same article as "CFL" they should include a disclaimer that the one is not in reference to the other. :wink:

San Antonio is not exactly 'major league'.

Maybe they are still hurting from the loss of their Riders:

Welcome to the TEXAS ROUGH RIDERS FOOTBALL ORGANIZATION in San Antonio Texas. We are not forming a team this season.

A reminder of San Antonio's CFL history:
16 years before those Riders, San Antonio, when Will was 9 years old, had a CFL franchise -- The San Antonio Riders -- which went bankrupt before ever taking the field. Then, 2 years later, The San Antonio Texans (formerly the Sacramento Gold Miners), in their only season of operation, won 12 of 18 regular season games and missed out on playing in The Grey Cup by just 10 points, in a Division Final in Baltimore.

I agree. It was mentioned in that article that Heyward played in af2 in 2007, and that may have been the "most minor of minor leagues" that was referred to in that article. Because I understand that players in af2 did get paid "next to nothing in terms of dollars" as it said in that article.

You do have to give Heyward credit for not quitting. Two CFL teams (CGY and BC) cut him, and players cut by more than one team don't tend to last much longer in the CFL. But Heyward is looking like an exception to that rule.

There was a also a team in the original WLAF named the San Antonio Riders.