Article on Tim Chang

By Dave Reardon

Wow a bobblehead! I've changed my mind, he doesn't need to develop, start him now.


Timmy "The Bomb" Chang

Does Maas have a bobblehead in his hounour? Chang does. Splain me that. Means somebody's heard of him. I'll try to find you a couple more articles on Chang's achievments and accomplishments. Be prepared to spend alot time reading the list.

"The season began with Chang sidelined because of an incomplete class and ended with nary an incomplete pass as he came off the bench to throw for 475 yards and five touchdowns in the Warriors' 54-48 triple-overtime victory against Houston in the Sheraton Hawaii Bowl. Many viewers will only remember the postgame brawl, but enough will recall Chang's storybook return to glory -- including a fourth-quarter drive in which he eluded a torrid Houston rush play after play and WILLED the Warriors into the end zone." Honolulu (notice the prefix "lulu")Star-Bulletin.

<<< Gets his Chuck Ealey Pez dispenser out of storage and cackles with glee LMAO >>>

It is governed by the National Secrets Act etc. etc. and cannot be shown. EVER. :smiley:

Oski Wee Wee,

Now that you've admitted that one exists we are going to have to....

Let's just say, there may just be an extra apartment available for Moving Day* (no truck though) AND we can blame les separatistes.

If you've never lived in Quebec this reference will make absolutely no sense.*

** Actually, it makes no sense :slight_smile: IN Quebec either.

Ah yes, avoiding THAT nightmare again this year! LOL

There's nothing like watching 5 moving vans simultaneously on a sidestreet block trying to be "efficient." Great sport!

Happy holidays? LOL

Oski Wee Wee,


Tommy Chang is just moving to the former Ramada Inn.

The rooms are all furnished...I don't understand. :?

Ticatsgrr8, this season will begin with Chang sidelined, too,

because of the many CFL classes he has yet to complete

but keep visualizing him coming off the bench
and throwing for 475 yards and five touchdowns

the day that Charlie Taaffe calls on him
to come off the bench in one of our games.

I like it. I hope it it happens.