Article on Printers fall from Grace

Interesting take and lots I tend to agree with here. Especially the he is a cancer in the lock room. Noone has gone on record to say how etc. The only guy who did wasnt even apparently a teammate at the time. He was just doing what was asked of him by taking on leadership role etc in the changeroom. All in all I think more or less Hamilton was the cancer to Casey's career. Not vice-versa. He was put in a horrible situation and told be management he was the man to turn this thing around and it didnt happen for a variety of reason. Poor coaching, players around him, and not designing the offense around his skill set would just be a few. I agree with alot said in the article and given most peoples reactions to the grey cup snub would be the same. It seems he is being used as the scape goat in Hamilton for last seasons showing.

When you are in a leadership position, act like a leader with class and grace. I watched a CNN interview with Tony Dungy as apparently there are coaches in the States, Canada as well I'm sure, that swear at kids and that to try and motivate them. They want to put a crack down on this. Tony Dungy says there is no need for this behaviour. I'm not saying Printers was all about "it's not my fault, you didn't catch the ball or run the right pattern a___le" etc, as I don't know but I bet he was exactly like that, just what I think without knowing. Lots of raw physical talent but otherwise, I'm not too sure.

Maybe Printers should read Dungy's new book: Uncommon: Finding Your Path to Significance. I haven't read it but I'm sure it's a good one.

Did you watch the team under Casey?
Hamilton for the stretch Casey was here were the worst pro team in North America.

He showed NO ability to lead, or play anything like an all star.
He was constantly injured with nagging little injuries, one time would not even take the ball in relief because he said he could not get warm.

His performance was horrible in Hamilton, outdone by raw rookies.
Did you ever think B.C. made Printers, and not Hamilton ruined him.
Look at the successful run of QBs out of B.C.
Is it the QB or the system.
Ask yourself this!!!

That article should have been written last December! :roll:

Perhaps he would still be here competing for the starter's job in TC. :wink:

We seem to make so many changes...and I think perhaps a little too quick sometimes!

If it is true though he was thrust by management to take the bull by the horns. He was doing it how he thought he should. By being confident etc. He afterall is just a young man who was given no direction on exactly how to handle this. It takes most qb's yrs to take a team and direct it etc. Was his motivation done correctly no, but was anyone there to guide him and pull him aside and say just a heads up etc. They just let him fail he was never given the proper coaching to suceed and lead. Coaching just isnt about coaching football skills and last 2 yrs the coaches stunk at both

I'd say BC aided him but are the QB's there turning out the seasons CP had. They had system that was developed around his skills. Here we didnt have the skills to have a system for him. Heck most guys shouldnt even have played in the CFL. I'd say his system in BC helped him but the system and skills here ruined him. Again

I suppose ADAWG, have a point there. Sometimes I wonder if after meeting someone for the first time and trying to get to know them for a few months if people at the top say it's not worth doing the mentoring thing and guidance and that with such an individual because we dont' think they have the smarts or attitude etc. in what they are looking for. So a judgement is made to purposely not invest any longer in such an individual. Money might have been another factor, when you're highly paid, maybe that person should be the one giving guidance and mentoring to the younger guys on the team while at the same time leading and being the leader of the team.

It was Well Written and Had some Valid points
I don't agree with them all but He has some points

Journaists often argue the unpopular/untrue side of a story just to generate debate/get attention for their story.

Just ask Ken Peters and Bob McCown.

You can now add Glenn Suitor's name to that list.

For whatever the reason, Casey was and is not the same quarterback he was when he played for BC. I think he is still capable but his mindset and skills have to meet in the same place. He talked the talk in Hamilton but never walked the walk. All i can say is if we had got Doug Flutie in his prime as Printers is supposed to be he just would have done whatever it took to make our team alot better and never made excuses about O Lineman and receivers not doing their job. Printers also has a huge problem with fumbling the ball which was one of the biggest knocks about him in the states. Good luck Casey but i saw enough of you in a Tiger Cat sweater.

If you ask me that entire article is from the opinion of Medlock, Printers agent defending his client and that should be taken in that context. This is not the view of a knowledgeable, impartial observer. I never have had a whole lot of respect for Medlock.

I accepeted the arrival of Printers with an open mind. There were some unfortunate injuries, he was thrust into and existing system that didn't suit his style, I wrote off the first year he was on the team.

The second year, last year however I expected more from him and the coaching staff and the players. Casey played nervous, his receivers didn't work for him and he gave me the air of "it's not my fault" everytime a play went bad. It was clear from the dynamic on and off the field that for whatever reason(s) his teammates really didn't want to play for him...and that's bad...very bad.

In the end he just made to much money to not be a difference maker. Your start players and the leagues highest paid players must be difference makers...or they are not worth their keep. If Casey was making a 150k a year he'd still be on the Cats.

We are going to go with a rookie QB and spend that money elsewhere and be a little more balanced I suspect.

But, please don't read this article thinking this is a journalist with an impartial point of view...this is pretty much the defending of a client by his agent....not much more than that.

Even if Suitor is just regurgitating Medlock's opinion, I don't think the article contradicts the points you made above.

I'm not convinced that all the negative things people have said about Casey are true, but I do think he rubs a lot of people the wrong way.

I'm still curious how he might have shown at camp, but my biggest concern would be whether his teammates have grown to dislike/disrespect him (deservedly or not).

Whether it is Casey's own fault or not, I can understand why there was a lot of doubt whether he would ever have success in Hamilton. I'm not convinced that alone rules out the possibility that he might be successful again somewhere else. But I do tend to agree with people saying there was something wonky about the way he was throwing the ball. I haven't read Bob Ackles' book, but I wouldn't be surprised if what was repeated on these forums re: Casey's throwing mechanics was still an issue. I also agree that Casey seemed sometimes to dig himself in a hole by trying too hard to make things happen by himself, and that he often seemed to have tunnel vision looking downfield.

From reading Bobby Ackles autobiography, it was pretty clear that Printers was unwanted in BC, even as the league MVP.

When he went to KC, the Lions were quite happy about it.

I'm thinking that Suitor needed something to write about on a slow week.


Excellent reads. Bottom line CP isn't dominate enough to be above just about everything else, say like TO seems to be. Albeit TO isn't making the money he wants in Buffalo. But CP with the Doug Flutie ability = no probs at all for any CFL team.

Interesting how he left out the Printers to Montreal to Hamilton affair. Lets start a Suitor is "full of it" thread. He has to get his name out there dontcha, know. There are better people TSN could get than him. Theres already a Printers controversy going, why add his 2 cents. I like Forde better anyway, its more about football with him.