article on jesse in the spec

articles like this how can you not like this guy?

Thanks for providing this link, NWO.

Over 2 hours and no responses?

This is a 'must read' feature article for every Tiger Cat fan
especially fans who take pride in players from the local area.

Behind The Mask:

Tackling The Enigma Of Jesse Lumsden

August 31, 2007 Jon Wells The Hamilton Spectator

Jesse Lumsden does not fit moulds --

he breaks them, on the field and off.

Labour Day classic is quickly nearing...

Argos are coming to town...

Big crowd is going to make it claustaphobic for me...

Gasoline prices are rising again...

The world corn crop is poor...

I'm about to puke.

Save me Jesse! Save me Timmy!

great article, read it, it's worth it.


Great article about a class act. Jesse is a great guy and his playing ability speaks for itsself

I'll raise a pint o'Rickard's to the lad!

Great article, great kid!

Give 'em hell, Labour Day, Jesse! :wink:

OSki Wee Wee,