Article on draft pick James Tuck

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On the surface he seems to be a bit of a reach. But Popp was very enthusiastic about him and Finlay.

Certainly not built like a PRO defensive end, kind of the same build as Ameet Pall. Might become a great ST player or maybe they think he fits what they are looking for as a backup LB/ST player. You need these guys. Its not sexy but they are a big part of the game.

He is exactly just that. Not very sexy but every CFL team needs that back end of the NI part of the roster with full time special teams players. Probably will be pushing Pall Among others for a roster spot.
Certainly being 4th round rookie could start off on the PR as well since he was a late football bloomer. Even returning to York for another season.
With the OFC Junior league raisng its age limits to 24 will be intersting to see if some players play on a PR and moon light on the weekends for PT with a nearby Junior team. Unfortunate that the Montreal area Junior team went under for this season leaving the Ottawa sooners the closest team to Montreal.
I could see several REDBLACKS Prospecks staying in town if they do not make the team and play Junior and be a Junior excemption practice players, or however that will work