Article on CFLers Trying The NFL

Just an article I found on ESPN about some CFLers down south. Hopefully the link works!

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Interesting article but wow, lots of these guys seem to have no respect for the CFL. I understand it is a lower level of football (skillwise) but how about a few "I appreciate the opportunity the CFL has given me" or "It is a unique brand of football that requires different skill-set" or even a "If it wasn't for the CFL, I would be collecting garbage right now". I also don't believe many offensive lines in the CFL would be considered "chairs". But of course, anything that's not American is automatically second rate anyways.

None of them said anything remotely negative about the CFL, I didn't read anything I would take as a slight against the CFL. I thought it was a pretty good article, if they both get cut at training camp then I don't think it matters how much they praised the CFL, they'll be right back here anyways.

350 lb deal with, When is a outside linebacker going to deal with a 350 lb gaurd who probably only moves no more than 5 yds a play LMAO, why cant the nfl find and develope its own players and stop stealing from the CFL!!!

They'll take 'em from where ever they find 'em.

I thought it was a pretty good article, not negative at all. It didn't go out of its way to praise the CFL, but that's not what the article was about. I wouldn't blame the players for what they didn't say either. If you're going to blame anybody, blame the author of the article.

Back in the 50's the CFL used to raid the NFL for their players. Tex Coulter was an All American-New York Giant who was raided by the Als. Tobin Rote was a great QB in the NFL who Toronto coaxed into coming to the CFL.. In those days the NFL salaries were extremely low and, the CFL frequently signed NFL players.

Not negative at all? Huh?

Quote: "It's very difficult because it's like a lower division of football,' Ireland said. 'I don't study the CFL a whole lot. ...", sure sounds like he's slagging the CFL to me!

I can understand totally a young kid growing up in the US wanting to play in the NFL, and for Canadians to go south for the money and because it is populated by some of the most amazing athletes and is among the highest ranks of sports. However, while the games are very similar, they require different skills and abilities, which often don't translate positionally. I love both, but even though I live in the US, I prefer the CFL.

i found it a little hard to swallow afew times... calling the cfl a honda and the nfl a bently... the lower level of football thing... running around chairs.... and so on. but maybe the russians feel the same when they read out articles about the continental hockey league

Haha, I completely missed the 2nd page of the article. I somewhat take back what I said, it wasn't flattering but it wasn't all that bad either.

Why does that statement bother you? The CFL IS a slightly lower "division" of football, but so what? That doesn't mean it's not high quality professional ball. I'm not at all bothered by that statement. It's a fair and truthful statement.

I prefer the CFL too, since I grew up watching it. I now live in the States, but to me the CFL is simply better ball because of the rules. The players are generally (but not completely) higher quality in the NFL, but to me the inferior rules mitigate most of the quality differences.