Article from 2006 re: Mike Gibson in Winnipeg

Here's a link to an article about Gibson in Winnipeg from the '06 season:

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Some interesting comments from Milt Stegall:
"As a whole I think he's a good offensive co-ordinator," said Stegall. "He relates well to the players. I remember when he first got up here in 2001, coming from college, it was a little bit difficult because he had to understand he was dealing with professionals. This is not college, and you just can't scream at everybody.

"He can still scream at his offensive linemen, but overall he's able to relate to everybody, and that's difficult for a lot of coaches to do because you're dealing with so many different generation gaps and different personalities, but he's able to relate with everybody, and I think that's a great attribute to what he's doing for this offence."

Though not earth-shatteringly unique,

I like his general offensive strategy.

Gibson's general strategy on offence has been to get the ball to his big guns, like Stegall.

"We want to spread the ball around and
put it in playmakers' hands," said Gibson.

"It's a big field and we want to
have the matchups to our advantage.

I think offensive coaches at every level
are always trying to look for those mismatches."

As far as dealing with so many different personalities and yelling at players,
'correcting with enthusiasm' as Charlie Taaffe used to can motivate players.

Smart coaches soon learn which players respond to being yelled at
and which players respond better to a getting a pat on the back.

Denny Creehan was touted to be an angry bear of a coach
but I seldom saw him raise his voice in anger at practice.