Article: CFL Rules That Are Better Than The NFL's

Check out this article about some rules in the CFL that are more effective than the NFL's version.

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That was a pretty cool article, I like that there are videos added to explain his point. My son-in-law loves the "fair catch" rule, I think it is stupid as can be; "don't tackle me and I promise not to run the ball back"...WTF!

Better than the "no-yards" all the way down the field then slam on the brakes and stop 5 yards from the returner.

No Yards is a heck of a lot more exciting. At least there is an actual play happening. You run all the way down the field mainly to make sure the receiver has nowhere to go.

definitely not lol... the 5 yard rule means there is still a football play to be had. the fair catch rule means run all the way down the field. stop and walk to the bench because the returner promises not to make a football play

After watching the two games last night I think we have too many rules!! the games are dragging out, far too many penalties, far too many reviews of plays. It's too bad when penalties change the tempo and the outcome of games.

This is a U.S. resident who loves the CFL and loves the CFL rules... CFL is better in terms of strategy and the kicking game requires an accurate touch not just power. Slightly larger field adds a dimension as well.... Hope you don't change your game....