Article by Rennie Curran

I understand this isnt Ticats news at all but just thought it was a cool quick read and shows how the CFL truly can change a players life.

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BONUS: Open letter by Josh Gordon same kind of concept, interesting read Ive always thought despite his struggles Gordon is a very articulate person.

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Please dont be mad at off topic, just a few interesting articles.

Thanks for posting...a good read. :thup:

Thanks for posting, both articles were very insightful and interesting reads :cowboy: It's kind of funny how a guy like Cris Carter who screwed up plenty in his younger years would be so judgemental when it comes to Gordon and his troubles. Carter is IMO an A-Class douchebag and should be the last guy chirping off about screwing up in your youth and in your life.

Yes, thanks 2EZ, excellent reads!

Josh Gordon is an amazing young man. I would be honoured to be able to shake his hand. He "has his head on straight".

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