Article about Trestman on CBCsports line

This was posted by Lastchance in the Als section.
It's a good read and I figured I would post it here

Check out the posted comments....The only negative remarks are from a Canadian....All the positive ones come from Americans

Good and very interesting article, thanks ro.

Great article. Seems like a perfect fit for Montreal. Any idea on how much $ he will earn as a head coach in Montreal?

Those reporters in toronto should read it.

Um a bit of an oxymoron....Toronto reporters can't read! :lol: :lol:

I think he will do a great job. He just has to get the CFL rules down and he will be great. Most coaches come from the USA so it should not be a problem. There may only be a slight adjustment to be made and possible rookie mistake to be made. But other then that any thing is better then DM in Edmonton and Jim Popp right.
I can not wait to see how this team responds to him.

Great article and the comments show that people in the States also like the CFL and want to watch the product.