Article About Levels of CFL Interest Nationwide

What I would like to know, is who commission and paid for the poll and who picked the questions....

I can almost guarantee you my wife knows more about cfl than many posters on here. I wouldnt have married her otherwise.

My wife and I have almost exact same interest. First CFL, then NFL, then NHL playoffs, then World Football.

Then there are womens hockey teams, women soccer teams, womens basketball teams, womens volleyball teams, etc

which makes your comment about as valid as a fart in a bathtub

Amazing the crap women will put themselves through to please their husbands

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I see why Quebec is at 16 % with attitudes like that ! has a poll in their sports section asking the same thing.
currently 63% are interested,19% somewhat interested, and 17% not 82% interested vs 17% not.

I'd also like to know if 1,500 respondents is a large enough sample size to ensure accuracy. I'm no scientician (my only exposure to stats was a class in university 10 years ago) but 1,500 seems small.

My wife's a CFL nut too - though my dad-in-law always says that her interest in football started about the same time I came around :lol:

How well did you do in stats class? :lol:


You actually don't need to sample hundreds of thousands of people to get an accurate picture. 1,500 people randomly surveyed from across the country should yield accurate results.

I can't remember - I had a few too many beverages after the final, which as you can see, cleared my mind of everything I learned there :lol:

no worries there, My wife was somewhat into cfl and nhl before she was a teenager. :slight_smile:

Like someone else said, keep in mind that those "not" numbers include both sports fans AND non-sports fans. So unless the poll started with a question such as "Are you a sports fan? If not, goodbye", then a quick glance seems to say that more than half of the sports fans in this country are at least somewhat interested in the CFL...

Funny though, we never see the same type of survey about the No Fun League in Canada.
It's maybe because no one outside of Southern Ontario and specifically the wannabe Toronto factor would care?

Their breakdown translated into population using the most recent population estimates (January 2010).

[b]BC[/b] 2202174 Not 1662866 Somewhat 674135 Yes

Total fans (#somewhat+#yes) = 2337001

1670330 Not
1187790 Somewhat
816606 Yes

Total fans = 2004396

544080 Not
702771 Somewhat
997481 Yes

Total fans = 1700252

7880673 Not
3546303 Somewhat
1444790 Yes

Total fans = 4991093

3777612 Not
2754509 Somewhat
1259204 Yes

Total fans = 4013713

1476367 Not
793932 Somewhat
117172 Yes

Total fans = 820204

Lots of fans in Ontario, despite the weak percentages. If only we could get more of them coming out to more games.

Considering not everyones a sports fan either, that's pretty good. I bet if they asked NFL it would be even lower.

All I know is I have to watch as much CFL as possible. I don't watch hardly any baseball any more, used to but can't get into it much any more.

PiCat the Atlantic numbers cannot be correct from what I can tell in comparing them to the stated percentages of degrees of interest in the article.

Agreed Earl definitely the case with more than just baseball for most also outside of Canada too.

In the US it’s all about football for the most part any more. I know of not one person who pays extra for any sports package for any other sport, and then of course more of us than ever don’t pay to have the extra games all the same anyway.

In Canada it’s hockey and then football.

In Australia Aussie Rules and Rugby League (not the rugby [union] we know from which our gridiron games are derived) seem to dominate.

And then in most of the rest of the world, the (association) football we call soccer. Fewer than ever seem to give a rip about inferior leagues like MLS or the A-League in Australia.

Check out for example these truly awful attendance numbers from season to date 21 August 2010 with the exception IMHO of Toronto and the new franchise in Philadelphia. A 20K average for Toronto or even worse LA is awful given the size of those areas! Now if you believe these numbers will go up for all but perhaps Seattle given amateur soccer season PLUS kids on campus PLUS gridiron games this fall you are delusional! … dance.html

Then there is the regional interest in MMA, cricket, tennis, an activity called golf, Formula One, NASCAR and various auto racing but otherwise everything else is just extra or waning in interest it seems.

Personally I just catch all my gridiron, rugby, and soccer action online for free any more like at least one other commenter on here. :slight_smile: It’s overload season now too with always a game on starting tonight!

Sorry looked at them again and read them wrong. Brain fart. :oops: