Art Briles named Assistant Head Coach Offence



AUGUST 28, 2017

June Jones, Head Coach of the Hamilton Tiger-Cats, announced Monday that Art Briles has been added to the coaching staff as the team’s Assistant Head Coach Offence.
Briles, 61, has over 35 years experience as a football coach, including serving as head coach of two-NCAA Division 1-A teams at Baylor University (2008-15) and the University of Houston (2003-07) where he accumulated a combined 99-65 record (.604%).
In eight seasons at Baylor, Briles’ list of accomplishments is headlined by back-to-back Big 12 Championships (2013-14), marking only the second such achievement in league history and first since the University of Oklahoma (2006-08). Baylor’s consecutive New Year’s Day bowl berths were also a first in school history. The native of Rule, Texas, was recognized as a finalist for the 2014 Coach of the Year honours by the Bobby Dodd Trophy and Eddie Robinson Award, and was named the 2014 Big 12 Coach of the Year by the Waco Tribune-Herald. He also earned 2013 Big 12 Coach of the Year honours from the league coaches (Chuck Neinas Award) as well as the Associated Press and Sporting News.
Prior to his tenure at Baylor, Briles spent five years at the University of Houston, inheriting a Cougars team that was only two years removed from a winless season (0-11). He led Houston to a 34-28 record and appeared in four bowl games over that span, and currently ranks third in school history in all-time wins as a head coach. In 2006, Briles earned Conference USA and Sportexe Division I-A National Coach of the Year honours after leading the Cougars to a Conference USA title, an appearance in the Liberty Bowl and the team’s first 10-win season since 1990. He was also named a finalist for the Eddie Robinson National Coach of the Year Award in 2006.
During his NCAA career, which began with a three-year stop as running backs coach at Texas Tech (2000-02), Briles has recruited/mentored numerous players that have graduated to the National Football League. Among that group are quarterbacks Kevin Kolb, Case Keenum, Robert Griffin III and Bryce Petty, wide receivers Donnie Avery, Kendall Wright, Terrance Williams, Josh Gordon and Corey Coleman, offensive linemen Danny Watkins and Jason Smith, and defensive lineman Phil Taylor. Under Briles’ tutelage, Griffin III also became the first Heisman Trophy winner in Baylor’s school history in 2011.

Gross. Lost a lot of respect for Bob Young, Scott Mitchell, Kent Austin and June Jones today.

For anyone not in the loop, do a little reading on the Baylor sexual assault scandal.

Yes there is some serious baggage that comes with Briles

"In all, Briles took Baylor to six straight bowl games.
Then, scandal struck. Briles was fired in May 2016 after an independentinvestigation found that football coaches and athletics administrators had run their own improper investigations into rape claims and that in some cases they chose not to report such allegations to an administrator outside of athletics.
“The choices made by football staff and athletics leadership, in some instances, posed a risk to campus safety and the integrity of the University,? the report stated.
Briles denied covering up sexual violence by his players or trying to obstruct the investigations. A number of lawsuits against Baylor are still pending and Briles has been out of football since."

Man, we're scraping the scum in the barrel now. More geriatrics. One thing is for sure, we have the oldest coaching staff in the league :-*

Who cares about age? I'm more concerned with what a terrible human being Art Briles is.

We just became the Riders of the CFL, #contraversy

With you 100%, had to read the name twice to make sure I wasn't imagining things...why they would hire him I have no idea, guy has been a lightning rod for controversy for like three years now. How much of all of the news is true and falls on his shoulders is up to you to determine, but literally it's just been one story after that next and it's effectively killed Baylor's football program for the time being.

And for anyone thinking all of this would slip under the radar in new releases that involve our city and our team, you'd be wrong of course

Now I know you can make an argument that deadspin had it out for Baylor, but they weren't basing all those stories off hearsay. Those were real stories that plagued that football team, all under the direction of Art Briles and as you can see from the news reports today, people haven't forgotten. Only people who seem to have forgotten is the Ti-Cats who made absolutely zero mention about a scandal that ultimately ran Briles out of Baylor.

I know 100% somebody is going to come up with the rebuttal that all those girls were money hungry and wanted attention...but give your head a shake. 52 alleged rapes. Even if one of those turns out to be true and Briles helped to cover it up, well then FU** YOU.

Ashamed to be a Cats fan today, call me dramatic but just how I feel after following this Baylor story for so long now.

  1. Nothing but negative comments coming from most sports reports in the USA, regarding the
    TiCats hiring of this guy !!

Maybe the Cats can get Briles to help out at the Huddles & Heels football clinic !! lol

Unbelievable no CFL experience and a very skeptical background with a scandal wow ! Tillman can relate

So there is a head coach, offensive coach assistant offensive coach, QB coach, receiver coach, running back coach, line coach.
Is there enough room on the sidelines for players and coaches?

Do other teams have Assistant Offensive coaches? I think this is probably the same issue when they brought in Junes, he will be on the sideline for a game and then be the replacement for Patazek

I'll straight up boycott the team if that's their end game. We are 0-8 and now they want me to get excited about the hiring of Art Briles. I can deal with a crappy season, but I can't deal with the hiring of what by all accounts seems to be a highly crappy human being.

And we sent Will Hill packing because ??

When you replace the coaching staff mid-season, you choose replacements from among those who are not currently working in coaching. I believe this issue came up more than once on this board.

He isn't replacing anybody though, they just hired him to add to their collection of coaches.

There are many, many unemployed football coaches that haven't covered up a load of sexual assaults. I'm not sure what your point is here.

This is extremlely dissapointing. I can't believe anyone in the front office thought this would be a good idea.

But he was only ACCUSED of covering up sexual assaults by players, not convicted and nothing proven that he did.
If he didn't know about his players sexual assault then how could he be accused of covering it up?

Hey might as well bring in Johnny Football now. They have a coach who can cover for his indiscretions. If this is what the Tiger-Cats have to settle for they truly are the poorest run team I have ever seen. This is a totally embarrassing and disgusting hire for what seems to be an unneeded hire. This team is gutter trash for this stunt. I can live with poor seasons heck any longtime Cat fan has been through enough of those, but when you hire scum like this sorry this isn't something as a fan I can or will except.

He knew.

We may now need 2 paper bags over our heads now, In case the first one breaks. :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[ :-[