Art Briles may be on his way back to Hamilton

Report that Briles might be on his way back to Hamilton after further discussions that the CFL has had with both Art Briles and the Tiger-Cats.

Apparently it is up to Art Briles what his next step would be, if he is still interested in coaching in the CFL.

A letter given to the CFL on Thursday (a bit too late) and further leaks from a Texas sports writer and Baylor Football administrator shows that Art Briles was indeed telling the truth on many accounts and never knew of any sexual assault done.

This could get really interesting for the CFL, but even more so down south where some people have been really hard on Art Biles (NOTABLY ESPN)

That, my friend, is a lawyer's letter.

What is doesn't say is as important as what it does say.

It does say that Briles did not hear of assault directly from the complainant. His own texts show that he knew of complaints.

The further sentence is a doozy.Nor are we aware of any situation where you played a student athlete who had been found responsible for sexual assault.

The phrase "being found responsible" means that Briles did not play anyone who had allegations against them proven in a judicial process. However, much of what caused the scandal is the web of barriers thrown up against cases even gettting to judicial process.


Great spot right there. The CFL could have done something really great with Briles and instead of doing the right thing without knowing the facts, they listen to the crazies on twitter and radio shows. Really sad.

A big black eye for the CFL, especially the new commissioner and the Tiger-Cats for appeasing the masses.

ESPN just now discussed this on the pre-game show and said Briles should be coaching and they blame Baylor and the media for creating allegations on Briles. A man who stayed with Baylor when he could have left. A man who rebuilt the Baylor name and Football program.

The investigator was wrong. He didn't know before it was too late. The texts you are referring were not referring to the matter of the case that he was blamed for. There was no crime committed for him to act. And you do not know what was done behind the scenes clearly, as after the text was done, the player was suspended and never played another game.

"It’s funny how sometimes the people you’d take a bullet for, are the ones behind the trigger." - Ritu Sago -

He is not coming here. It is time to put the whole mess behind us.

No kidding.

I can see it now... they hire him, then they decide that on second thought (after a huge outcry) hiring him wasn't such a good idea and "wasn't consistent with our values", so they fire (un-hire?) him. So now they're supposed to decide our values aren't so important after all, and change their minds again and re-hire him? Yikes. The notion is ludicrous, even given the farce that has gone on over the past week.

Let's play football.

No, if they were to (re)hire him, it would only be after convincing themselves, their fans, other teams' fans, and the league that Briles really had done nothing wrong. I don't see that happening anytime soon, even supported by this vague letter.

("We have no proof that you did anything wrong. We didn't see you do anything wrong." Not "You did nothing wrong.")

So basically hes treated as guilty until proven guilty?
Our anemic offence could use a little help, maybe itd help bring in RG3 but with all the hooplah the first time theres no way he gets hired again, fans would be turning cars over in the street. lets see what June Jones does on monday and beyond and go from there. At least we can start evaluations early in prep for the off season.

The damage is done and the CFL has made its decision , the people have spoken and so has a Ticat sponsor this is a Dead issue so people move on already give it a rest this guy is gone ! Bye bye done for the CFL

the coach re-hire might be an offseason transaction if it happens at all.

8)Even if he was found to be completely innocent of anything, the Cats would never try and bring
him back here again !!

After all the uproar last week, I'm sure they would not want to risk it again, especially after the
apology by Caretaker !!

Some people would always believe he was guilty of everything, even if proven innocent !! ::slight_smile: ::slight_smile:

Yup , put it behind us , he's not coming here . Apparently the next hot , hot rumour is that the Cats are planning a major press conference to announce the guy who will be coming into Hamilton as Assistant O Coach as Briles replacement . I think we'll be safe with this one though as apparently it's some nobody that goes by the name of Simpson......and no it's not Homer or seems this guy likes to be called O.J.........Sooooo has anybody ever heard of this guy ?? 8) ???

He’s gone for a reason.

I couldn’t see him coming back for any reason.

One step closer to the edge.

To tie a bow on this...

Baylor lost to FCS (a.k.a. 1-AA) school Liberty University last night.

And Fresno State won 66-0 last night with Orlondo Steinauer's defence pitching a shut out!
Fresno State went 1-11 last season so they have already matched their win total from last season.

The bad news is they play #1 ranked powerhouse Bama next week in Alabama! :cry:

Go Fresno!

Way off topic but Coach O's bio on the Fresno State site is incredibly CFL positive. Nice to get publicity that could translate into quality players looking north