Arrghos release Raymond, avoid guaranteeing contract

The Toronto Argonauts have released veteran linebacker Keon Raymond, per CFL sources

The 33-year-old Raymond started all eight games for the Argonauts so far this season, registering 32 tackles good enough for second on the team.

But releasing him now makes some sense: the CFL collective bargaining agreements stipulates that players with six seasons of service have their contracts guaranteed for the rest of the year after nine games. The Argos have played eight games so far this season and Raymond played eight years with Calgary before joining Toronto in February.

Raymond has been a productive, durable player throughout his career he has 26 career interceptions, including two this season, and played in 15 or more games every year he was in Calgary.

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Football = tough business.


Raymond is a savvy vet. Wonder if we contemplate bringing him in & moving Murray back to HB to shore up the secondary?

This is insane? This isn't business this is the Argos being a-holes, Raymond has been one of their better players all year and they cut him to avoid paying him out the rest of the season in case he gets hurt? I don't get the line of thinking here other than they are being cheap or up against the cap?

That sounds lovely to me.

The Ticats already have like 100 LB's. I'm exaggerating of course, but they certainly don't need more.

Also, if they really wanted Murray in the secondary, then he would be there already.

With Sears down, none of our current LBs have the ability to play strong side LB, so no, Murray is forced to play that position for now unless Harris comes back from the NFL or Washington comes back from injury. But I think they were projecting to start Washington at corner, so that's not the ideal solution either.

I agree with you. If he wasn't producing I could understand the release but he's been one of their best tacklers this year. Tackling is what you want a LB to be doing!

This move made no sense at all to me when I first read it.

Then I remembered that this is the SAME GM that gave up Collaros, Harris, Owens, Sinkfield....and then I came to realize that it's not the player that's's the DECISION MAKER!!

It would be interesting to know if the “six years of service and guaranteed contract” was a demand of the CFLPA during some round of negotiations. If so, maybe that wasn’t such a good idea for veteran guys.

Bring him to the Hammer could add fuel to our fire for LB Sept 5th