Around the CFL poll question 2

Again thats see how close Glboals poll is and I will post the answers from global later. For some reason Global had Don Mathews on their list just maybe they think he is a player too.

If O'Shea was on there I would have voted for him but since he is not I would say Carl Kidd.

Believe it or not he did not even make the honorable mentions on the list by global. Honorable mentions to this list are
David Benefield, Davis Sanchez, Keith Stokes, Nealon Green, Cameron Legault. Michael Fletcher, and rounding it out the really nice Robert Baker.

Webster's JERK, Slang, A foolish, rude, or contemptible person. that list of players/coaches, as much as I love him on my team I'm voting for Lewis........

Lots of names I can think of that are not on that list.

Where's Mark Word, when we need him?

I think Baker, and O'shea would be my highest, but they aren't on the lsit. Stupid

By the way, Ed Philion is no jerk at all. He does take cheap shots and love to get in words battle with other teams, but he knows why and how he does it, and always make it turn to his advantage.

He's intelligent, and a very easygoing guy. He will never play the star or act like you're not important. If you talk to him, he'll answer just like you two have been buddies for years.

I agree on Baker, O'Shea he just likes to plie on. He is not on the list amazing

Define Jerk!

Hmm, lots to choose from and some missing. Decisions, decisions,

Global Results:

Which player is the biggest jerk?

Nik Lewis, Cal. 17.1

Duncan O'Mahony, B.C. 11.4

Kenton Keith, Sask. 11.4

Casey Printers, B.C. 8.6

Don Matthews, Mtl. 8.6

Carl Kidd, B.C. 5.7

Ed Philion, Mtl. 5.7

Craig Yeast, Ham. 5.7

Chris Brazzell, Wpg. 5.7

Others receiving votes: Daved Benefield, Sask.; Davis Sanchez, Edm.; Nealon Greene, Sask.; Keith Stokes, Wpg.; Cameron Legault, Ott.; Michael Fletcher, Tor.; Robert Baker, Tor.

Summary: With the entire league watching Calgary play Edmonton in regular-season finale, Lewis spouted off about the Eskimos' secondary. Then, he called himself the Terrell Owens of the CFL. This didn't go over well and left him branded. O'Mahony evolved from being a media favourite to a pain in the rump. Keith is just plain snotty and Printers soured this season. Even though the category is intended for players, some media felt the need to include Matthews.

How Nealon Greene even make the Honourable Mention? He is a Class Act.

.....probably taking into consideration that stupid "double guns" flex he does when he throws a touchdown......edit.....IF he throws a touchdown.....

Atta boy, Duncan!! You've replaced Westwood as kicker rep!