Around the CFL poll - Question 1

Thats see if the stats are the same as Globals!
Later today I will post Globals and we can then compare!

the most overrated is nealon greene and the whole stampeder roster imho....

Okay Mr Greene we know!

Nealon Greene is definitely not over-rated. Everyone thinks he stinks (except Shivers) and they would all be correct. I would think Ray is over-rated (yes I would still like to have him as a qb) but he hasn’t looked like his old self the past 8 games or so. Still the most over-rated player in football is Michael Vick. If you’re going to play qb you have to know how to throw.

Roughy I think eskimoswinitall is Mr. Greene I am not saying he was the one that is picked just so you know. that list there definately Ray.....Nealon didn't fair well this year either but to be overrated you have to be rated first.......that's where Ray wins out in this contest, he was suppsoed to walk on water and he hasn't thrown a TD pass to some of the unquestionably best receivers in the CFL for GAMES......multiple quarters, not just a couple.......Maas has got the EEs where they are......Ray did nothing to deserve the start this Sunday......

Honorable mentions:
Geroy Simon, Jesse Lumsden, Korey Banks, Kenton Keith, Sean Flemming, Sheldon Napastuk, Joe Flemming, Donnavan Carter, Kamu no catch Peterson

nope i only use eskswinitall to post from, i was only kidding not all of the stamps are overrated just 70% of them,lol....

Ha ha ha ha RNR got you on a short leash with this full moon right!

......the idea of quoting someone is to then add a relevant passage in reference to the quote, thereby furthering the discussion.....have an aneurism there while you were typing?........

you can only trash talk the teams not the posters on these site ,ok? follow the code of conduct..

ha ha ha ha and you are a good example!

Results from Global:

Most overrated player?

John Avery, Tor. 32.4

Kerry Joseph, Ott. 8.8

Chris Brazzell, Wpg. 8.8

Nealon Greene, Sask. 5.9

Kevin Eiben, Tor. 5.9

Pat Woodcock, Ott. 5.9

Ricky Ray, Edm. 5.9

Others receiving votes: Geroy Simon, B.C.; Jesse Lumsden, Ham.; Korey Banks, Ott.; Kenton Keith, Sask.; Sean Fleming, Edm.; Sheldon Napastuk, Cal.; Joe Fleming, Wpg.; Donnavan Carter, Ott.; Kamau Peterson, Ham.

Summary: Avery did something to this category that he can no longer do on the football field -- he obliterated the competition. Injuries have slowed the former CFL rushing champ and league's highest-paid running back. Joseph gets a lot of kudos during the season but hasn't won games consistently. Brazzell always has been overrated. Dollar for dollar, Woodcock is one of the worst players in the league. Ray's recent play has brought his stock down. Eiben, Banks and Napastuk are division all-stars.

I guess youd have to go with Avery.

Eiben gets alot of tackles but i sure wouldnt trade him for any of my lb.

I agree with you on that one.

Well you have Grace and White. those two are complete studs. But I would take Eiben over Clark any day. But thats my opinion.
I wouldn't take Eiben over Mitchell or Hunt, but he can come and play on the Riders if he wants. I am sure they could find a spot for him.