Around the CFL lightning round questions and results!

Should the Grey Cup always be played in a dome to eliminate the elements?

No: 85.7 per cent. Yes: 14.3 per cent.

Will there be a legitimate salary cap in place for the 2006 season?

No: 82.9. Yes: 17.1.

Will instant replay be in for 2006?

No: 74.3. Yes: 25.7.

Will Jason Maas be with the Hamilton Tiger-Cats in 2006?

Yes: 77.1. No: 22.9.

Will the current Ottawa Renegades regime run that team out of town?

Yes: 66.7. No: 33.3.

End-zone celebrations in the CFL -- good, bad or don't care?

Good: 47.1. Bad: 26.5. Don't care: 26.5

Which network does a better job of covering a CFL game (include pre-game, etc.)?

TSN: 72.4. CBC: 27.6

Is commissioner Tom Wright doing a good job?

Good: 73.1. Neutral: 15.4. Bad: 11.5.

Interesting but where did the results come from

where did u get these questions and responses?

The poll was done by Global across Canada.

Told you that TSN was better.

  1. No way, outdoor is great too
  2. we can only hope, Ã?"ll vote yes
  3. No, not yet
  4. Yes, Cats need him
  5. No, league willnot allow Ottawa to lose it's team
  6. they're fine untill they get out of hand, I'll vote Bad here
  7. TSN
  8. Great job1 but I'll go with good.