Arnos sign QB Adrian McPherson

Veteran CFL QB :expressionless:
I guess he didn't play last year

[b]Toronto – The Toronto Argonauts Football Club is pleased to announce that international QB Adrian McPherson has signed with the club.

McPherson most recently played in the Arena Football League, in 2013, with the Tampa Bay Storm. While there, he set team and league records at the quarterback position, including most rushing touchdowns by a quarterback in a single season (31). He also played five seasons for the Montreal Alouettes (2008-12) and completed 145 passes on 243 attempts (59.7%) with 10 TDs, and rushed 218 times for 1,035 yards and 20 touchdowns[/b]

According to Wiki

In January 2014, McPherson was signed by the Calgary Stampeders of the Canadian Football League.

On October 28, 2014, McPherson was assigned to the Los Angeles KISS of the AFL.

This tells me 1 - Ray is no where near ready to play 2 - they don't like the talent they have behind Ray.

is it going to be another shoddy year for the east div?

No, they’re not satisfied with the backups behind Trevor Harris.
Harris will be the starter to begin the season but they wanted more experience at backup in case Harris gets injured.

Interesting because Gale looked real good when he took the field last season, which makes me think Ray is having problems with his recovery.

Interesting because Gale looked real good when he took the field last season, which makes me think Ray is having problems with his recovery.

Milanovich was his OC for 5 years in Montreal, he knows what he's getting. Smart move by Toronto.

McPherson is 32 years old. Ricky Ray is 35. If this is a planned, short term fix, I guess this is OK??

McPherson has not proven himself a starter in the CFL, so this is still a risk. The blew team has lost a number of first stringers just over this last offseason alone. Even if the former Al is good, it may not be good enough.

Gale threw ONE pass in 2014. He was in only on short-yardage plays all season, so I don't know when it was he looked "real good."

He sustained a serious season ending injury in Tampa late in the AFL season. Calgary jumped at the chance to get him in 2014 with the loss of vet Glenn in expansion draft. Unfortunate the injury forced him to be unable to play in 2014 in the CFL.
Healthy again he was the Starter for the AFL Kiss this season and was injured again. He returned 2 weeks ago to lead the Kiss to their first win of the season and played great again. The Argo's signed him right away off of the Kiss roster.

That about sums it up. Trevor Harris is for sure ready to be a top CFL starter. Gale played great in the pre season game but brings little experience entering his 3rd pro season with Toronto.

Unfortunately, one preseason win does not a career make!

Oh yes, this is just a short-term fix. This isn't a move to bring in a starter. I think they're fairly confident in Harris. It's more that they need good depth behind Harris if Ray isn't ready on time, so it makes sense to bring in an experienced CFL backup who is well-known to both the head coach and the OC.

Gotta love McPherson's sense of timing. He spent 5 years backing up Calvillo, but lost his patience just as AC was getting ready to retire. Bounces around the arena league for a bit, and then decides to make his big comeback to the CFL with, of all things, a team led by Ricky Ray.

Interesting and excellent point, ExPat. I didn’t think of that.

Yea that was bad timing for sure. After 5 years of doing little else then short yardage. The Arena League offered him the chance to be a full time starter. The league was able to place him in Tampa Bay very close to where he lives. It also gave him a chance to show he can still play before the start of the CFL season. He clearly proved that and bad luck again as he had a season ending injury that kept him out for the rest of that season.
Calgary signed him last year but he still was unable to play.
Healthy again he went to LA where he would start and was injured after a few games.
Finally some good luck as he returned with a big game healthy and giving LA its 1st win of the season. Toronto wasted no time in signing him before LA's next game.

Wow will ya look at that crowd !!!! No wonder LA hasn't had a pro team in years....tonight's attendance.....17 :roll: :lol:

Looks like a blew team crowd at skydome!!!!

Curtis Rush

Argos signed Adrian McPherson because if Ricky Ray can't go this season, team would be "one injury away from disaster," GM Barker says. #CFL
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I have a feeling Ray will be following in Travis Lulay's steps. After shoulder surgery it just isn't the same and Ray is no spring chicken either. McPherson isn't the answer to anything in the long term but for now, they needed a vet who could come in and play if Harris goes down.

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