i think its stupid they he would leave, id just releasem the guy, if hes not committed 2 1 team hes not a team player. i say see ya later.

You can't blame a Guy for Wanting to Eat
AFL and CFL Make Very little..
Compared to NHL NFL MLB and Golfers.

I don't blame Arnold he a great guy.
He be back after the AFL Season is over.
The CFL is now talking to AFL
trying to get a Agreement in place..
to honour our deals..

I'm assuming that once an agreement is reached, and if it states that option year players can NOT go to the AFL, then all the guys that did sign under those circumstances will be expected to come back right away.
Apparently the AFL used to not approve signings of players under CFL contracts, they recently decided to just give a big "**** you" to the CFL and told their teams to go ahead and sign anyone at all. I say thats a load of crap!!

Who cares about Parker? he wasnt worth it anyway