Armstrong, Toronto Bound ???

8) Heard Argo coach, Bart Andrus being interviewed on the Fan yesterday, and he mentioned that he may be interested in having a look at Derrick Armstrong !!
   He said the first thing he would do was have Armstrong take a physical, especially his knees to see just how bad they are, before any attempt would be made to sign him  !!!

Why couldn’t we do this?

It wouldn’t hurt or cost the team anything…

If the argos pick him up ill be pretty pissed. We need a nice vet like armstrong on this team.

Obie already side He dose not want him .. He'll regret it after Hurts us our next game vs Toronto

i know obie said that, but why? our receivers aren't that special

slowly becoming frustrated.

Not sure how nice he is.
Quit on his team so they cut him.

are you saying he isn't a nice guy? because i really don't care if he is or not he's a good player and thats what we need.

Also there is a lot more to the story than that.

We got Grant, hes a very nice guy.

Maybe when they fixed his hip they knicked his balls

Kinda like Goss? Sometimes a player thrives in a change of scenery.

We need him more than you guys as your receivers are a better quality.

Armstrong would be great here. He quit on his team but he doesnt have a history of doing anything like that in the past. Most guys have a blip on the radar once in their career where they foul up or regret doing something. Having Armstrong would help Preche have some attention taken off of him, and add some nice size to the WR's.

i have no clue why obie doesnt want to upgrade our receivers. He must be looking at them with rose coloured glasses on

The guy makes well over 100 grand and that's even before bidding. Might be a clue in there somewhere.

I don't think you will have an issue with this guys attitude.

The guy has been humbled once already and he saw how fast someone got rid of him. He will think twice about getting very comfortable in his next place to pull the stunts that got him to be released.

I don't see this guy as a head case.

How many times have we heard stuff like this about him in his time in the CFL? I don't recall anything.

Does this guy make our team better? Yes, yes he does.

You just set him straight before he signs with us that we aren't going to put up with anything and that the coach is in charge.

Yeah, we need every team should have a talented head case who quits on his mates. No deal!

The Argos need Armstrong because Arland Bruce is having hemorrhoid problems. Maybe Belli can kiss them better. :lol:

As far as I know, he has had 1 problem since coming to the CFL. I would like to see other examples that he is a head case. He didn't like the way he was being used, he smoothed it over with his coach and then all hell broke loose. I think he was the bigger man, admitting his mistake and patching things up with his coach.

I would take this guy on our team anyday of the week. He causes problems, you cut him loose. He has been cut before so he knows that that could happen again.

I agree Tiger_Dirt. Whats the worst case scenerio?... he causes problems you cut him loose. It just boggles my mind as to why they're not even lookin' at him...i just dont get some things i guess.