Armstrong Retires, Van Sichem Released, Draft Picks Signed

According to the winnipeg free press.

olineman armstrong that is.

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Weird, the kid didn't even get to suit up. Maybe they didn't think he was 100 healthy ???

.......LaPo figures we've signed someone db also signed today....Alex Suber....a fiesty little bulldog type...The more the merrier.. :thup:

i have a bulldog and trust me they are some strong lil guys :stuck_out_tongue:

but van sichem was apparently injured still and not recovered, armstrong was the same...

u know.. if this subler kid and hicks come in and do what it looks like they can do... we are gonna surprise alot of people.

Didn’t you say that about van Sichem and Armstrong?

no but shouldnt u trolls be worried about your own damn team instead of coming in here and talking crap all the time. or u got nothing better to do? or what?

I just asked a question. No trolling at all.

Had I said:

"Ha! You dingbats said the exact same thing about van Sichem and Armstrong and look at them now..."


"Armstrong and van Sichem both sucked and these guys will will be beaten like an unwanted dog by the Tiger Cats..."

That would be trolling.

Yeah, yeah…I’m sure there was absolutely NO ‘pot-stirring’ intended by your question at all… :roll:

None whatsoever. I'm really not that subtle.