Armstrong in Winnipeg

Armstrong just signed with the Bluebombers, and Saskatchewan signed Yo Murphy. Pretty sure that if there was money available they should have went with someone who has proven themselves as a Rider. I completely dislike Tillman, always have. He just has the worst haircut to top things off.

For a second there, i thought i said, "Armstead in Winnipeg" I was like WTF?!?!?! i guess i should put my glasses on...

when i heard Armstrong sign with Winnipeg, i was a lil disappointed :expressionless: i said to my self, why would he sign with that bunch of ***** :stuck_out_tongue: . Iheard or read in the paper, he sign for like $10,000/game just for the rest of the season :roll: . Winnipeg needs as much help they can get :stuck_out_tongue: , there just finding out now there not as good as there thought they were :lol: . We prolly had Yo signed by then or talks were in place and we prolly didnt think Armstrong would come back up here :roll: its just my opinion, but maybe YO will help the team :wink:

Bradey, Tillman started talking to Armstrong the day he was hired by the Riders (see his post at The way he expalins it we would have to give up a lot next year. I beleive that Tillman will bring a real winning team and attitude to the Riders. I would have loved to see both Armstrong and Holmes here but the money situation with already being $600K over the cap won't allow it.

Yep, Armstrong is just a rental I guess. I've heard he wants back in the NFL next year.

My oh my how stupid can people get.

He wanted too much money I believe 10 grand a game. Best to let Winnipeg deal with him till he ditches in the off season - good move Tillman.

Six receptions, ninety-three yards, and a touchdown in his first game as a Bomber. Something tells me that the guy is worth the money, being Winnipegs leading reciever in his first game back.