Armstrong extended....Printers atttending fa camp

:lol: :lol:

why is that? cuz they signed a couple good tackles and a washed up LB that makes them so much better then the 3-15 team they are?

thats funny

winnipeg has addressed there secondary... and our front seven is probably going to dominate this year..

which makes our defence sick!

our offensive line is young and huge... with a good mix of experiance in it.. just because there new doesnt mean they wont be good

our runningbacks, well we have the best backfield in the league... dumping charlie made it entirely possible to keep both ried and smith

recievers are easily top three in the league... our 7 canadian starters are better then last years along with our depth, and we have many different scenarios we could line up 7 canadians in case of injury

all in all, our team is much better then last year.. they are still working on the kicking game.. and all of our QBs have tremendous upside..

if you ask me we have improved a lot since last season... which means on in twos 3-15 ticats arnt even close to competing with my big blue!!!

LOL ... I thought BC had all the good herb!! No One can predict the outcome of the 2009 season, but i can say Winnipeg has taken the steps to rebound and be better than 2008, more than the Cats. We have replaced all expendable player's nicely and having our o-line underdogged is a very good thing, guess everyone will be in for a surprise as our o-line is one of the biggest and potentially nastiest in the league. Our recievers are far superior, we have two QB'S (maybe 3) that can start right away and have played in the CFL more than a couple of games, two of the the top RB'S in the league and a defanse that has been much improved from last year, what did Hamilton do? Oh Yeah picked Up our scraps again!! If any team in the East has Improved more than Winnipeg (and it hurts me to say this) it is Toronto, who at least picked up quality player's!! OUCH.... I am not saying Winnipeg will make 1st, second or third, but if anyone will give us a run, it's not going to be the Cats, in the Basement again, i can see the headlines now "Non-Experienced QB Benched for Glenn after going 0-4" and then "Cats now 0-8 after Glenn passes for 2 TD and 12 INT in last four". Wow, give me some of that herb!!

If you are going to drink the flood water, maybe you should try boiling it first....?

I'd agree with much of what you say....except for the bolded portion. I think you have 3 QBs, none of whom have yet proven that they can start right away. One or more of them might be ready to take that step up, but they haven't shown it so far, so it's a bit of a gamble.

Comparing Hamilton's QB stable to Winnipeg's, Williams has a better record (so far) than Randall (mainly because we've hardly seen Randall play); Glenn has more wins as a starter than Dinwiddie; and Porter even has more wins as a starter than LeFors (Porter I think had one win......Lefors, as a starter is either 0-5 or 0-6).

So based on that, you'd have to say that on past performance Hamilton's QBs are stronger than Winnipeg's. Not saying it'll play out that way this season mind you, but on paper at this point you really can't say that Winnipeg is better off at QB when compared to Hamilton. You might be, but we'll have to wait for the season to start to find out.

Just comparing offences, Winnipeg gets the nod over Hamilton at the receiving position. After that, RBs, at best are even, but I think KK gives Hamilton the advantage, O-line isn't even close---Hamilton in a cake walk, and while both teams are going with youth, Glenn gives the Ti-Cats experience and depth Winnipeg does not have, and based solely on actual onfield performance, not wishful "potential', Porter and Williams are (marginally) ahead of Lefors, Randell and Dinwiddie. Signing Printers might help Winnipeg. But it might also hurt them, so that won't change much. Overall, Hamilton on offence is much better than Winnipeg heading to TC.
On defence, the DBs for Winnipeg are suspect, but the front 7 should be the strength of the team. Hopefully the two "ageless wonders" in the middle of that line don't hit the wall, And Barrin will need to play much better than he did last year. The Cats do have more question marks than Winnipeg on D. On balance though, both sides of the ball, the question marks for Winnipeg are greater than the question marks for Hamilton. Winnipeg, on paper, is about the same as they were last year on defence, but have regressed at every position except receiver on offence---and that is giving that an aging Milt was not expected to be dominant. An argument can be made that they are weaker even at the receiving position than they were last year.
Meanwhile, both Hamilton and Toronto have improved.
The only hope for Winnipeg lies in the fact they underachieved last year, so if as a team they can rebound, maybe they'll be okay. But they are not as talented as they were last year.

why waht did kk prove last year? ill tell you, he proved terry caulley should be there starter :lol:

winnipeg is actually improved quite a bit from last season

you keep slagging our offensive line, but see my above post, there bigger younger but also have a good mix of experiance, im not worried at all... with obby back to being healthy, and labbate and omera on either side of him we'll have a much better interior line then hamiltons... there tackles will be a bit better though

some torotno fans got me pretty excited about january, and looking at luke fritz, he can be a good one!

runningbacks recievers and interior offensive line all go to winnipeg... QB's will be a toss up, tackles to hamilton

defence, secondary is definately improved, front seven is definately going to be a monster for every team to deal with..

our secondary will be very good with jovon johnson kelly malveaux willie amos and a lot of good looking prospects like derrick strait and ade jimoh..

defence no question goes to winnipeg

Three words---"their", "there" and "they"re". Learn to use them properly for god's sake. And then maybe I'll overlook the rest of your numerous spelling and grammatical errors.

I would accept that Caulley is as good as Reid. KK is a better blocker, receiver and just a better RB than Reid. Smith--who cares? I actually don't expect him to finish the year with Winnipeg, but if his head is into it, he will give you some depth. Again---at best, even. But if KK is the KK that played for the Riders, he is likely as good as any back in the league and certainly better than Reid.
Receivers I willingly give the nod to Winnipeg.
O=line? Obbie remains a question mark, but I'll give you the centre position by a nose if he can regain his form. After that, maybe Labatte is equal to one of the Hamilton guards, but Hamilton is better at all 3 other positions---and by quite a bit. January was a dud for the riders last year--losing his starting job by about game 3 or 4, but he is still young. I keep hearing from Bomber fans "younger, bigger". Not bigger. Barely younger. And the "experience" you talk about makes you the least experienced line in the league. Part of being so young I suppose....
QBs. Do you have any? Only time will tell. Based on what I saw of Porter last year, I wouldn't trade him for all of Winnipeg's QBs. And Glenn is a very good pick-up and a dumb decision by the Bombers to let him go. If Lefors, etc are better, why not prove it in TC? without Stegal, Winnipeg, heading to TC is weaker at every position on offence. And they weren't very good last year.
Hamilton on the other hand is better at every position on offence. QB, RB, receivers, o-line---improvement across the board.
On defence, I already conceded an advantage to Winnipeg. But Hamilton is likely better in the backfield, and decent up front. winnipeg might be terrible in the backfield, but very good upfront.
Once again--Winnipeg's strength last year was the front seven. Even this year, not better. Backfield? Maybe Johnson is enough to secure that. But you can't count "wannabe" prospects. Every team has "wannabes", so until they are proven, who cares?
So Winnipeg isn't better on defence.
Meanwhile, Hamilton is better. They had lots of kids show promise last year and with a few pick-ups they will be a decent group this year. Winnipeg's defence should be better. But they will have to be...

While he's at it, it would also be a good idea to learn the difference between "then" and "than".

I left that one for you Madjack...I left it for you.

...who are you trying to kid Arius....Joe Smith is easily the best back of the whole't make me laugh...K,K, has done nothing in 2 years....except maybe get himself tossed by the nfl....Caulley...c'mon .Reid makes him look like a turtle...I think you're reading too many Cats' posts...Bombers were and are better than T.O. or the Hammer even with all of the changes we've made....add to that Printers and you could be in for some severe embarrassment ..AND I'll make sure i retrieve your posts to give you a lol :lol: :lol:We may be going through a little bit of high water here...but i think you have a high of a different kind :lol:

Nice :thup:

I expect to see the "crow" thingy if you see the opportunity. It will never change the fact that you say something like, "KK hasn't done anything for two years" meaning he isn't any good anymore, but when someone points out that Obie hasn't really played in two years due to a career threatening illness, well then that means nothing. Or the fact that 4 of your 5 projected starters on the o-line "haven't done anything in two years" but they will be awesome for sure!! The difference of course being KK's track record is impressive while for the most part your entire line consists of salvage material and reclamation projects--guys who thus far in their career have done nothing. Pretty much include Printers in that category. Living off of the smoke and mirrors of a lone season 5 years ago---an eternity in pro sports. The fact that you--and your team--feel that signing a potential train wreck like Casey Printers will improve your team so dramatically says much about how confident you are in your current group of QBs. If Lefors is this "can't miss" star you've been telling us about, how can Printers possibly be any better? You really can't have it both ways there Papa.
Boil before drinking!!!

Right now im not at all worried about the bombers, they have potential at quarterback (we havent had a quarterback for about 5 years now so i think its time for a change), we have a huge, younger o-line, best running backs in the league, top 3 in receivers, a beast of a front 7, improved secondary, improved canadian content, and a coach who is not afraid of change.

(p.s: Arius, i would personnally be worried about your defence, and ur gm...) :roll:

Crow hmmm. Let’s see last year most Bomber fans claimed the Als would win 3 to 5 games and get pounded by the nasty front seven of the Bombers. All we saw were Tom Canada and Walls running around air like chickens without heads.

If I was a Bomber fan I would not make ANY predictions… I’d be quiet, hopeful and have little elastics holding my toes crossed

Yep, last year when I predicted the Bombers for first and a Grey Cup felt so bad I'm making amends this year. Fool me once...
Add another one to the list of Bomber fans touting how gigantic and young their o-line is. Newsflash. Being young means you lack experience, not much else when dealing with the o-line which needs experience more than any other unit. The sad part is, you squandered what experience you had but actually didn't get much younger. And your line will not be bigger this year. Or particularly larger than any ohther line in the league. Just less experienced. So please, quit saying that--it is meaningless. Best running backs in the league. If you don't count Calgary, Montreal, Hamilton, the Riders and Edmonton. Other than that, absolutely the best in the league. And you had best hope Logan doesn't come back in BC. I've seen the "top 3 in receivers" a few times as well. I hope you mean as a team? But maybe. Certainly top 4--as a team. I think Riders, Calgary, Montreal all compete very well with your guys, and BC has Jackson and Simon, just no depth. So it is a strength for the Bombers, but you aren't light years ahead of anyone. Your front seven does look pretty good. But it isn't better than last year. How'd you do? And your DBs are suspect--all 5 of them. Your Canadian content is improved? Did you have any last year? So how couldn't it be better. But really, it isn't particularly better than last year at this time. Unless you think that 5th rounder we tossed you will be a superstar...
At QB, comments like" we didn't have one" tend to make me question your football acumen. Kevin Glenn played very well for you. Took you from the wilderness to the play-offs 3 years in a row. But don't let how well he played concern you---just dump him because the grass is always greener...
And a coach who is not afraid of change....whatever that is supposed to mean....

As for the Riders, unlike the Bombers who apparently get BETTER when they lose all-star players, the Rider D is likely a tad weaker than last year. On the otherhand, it is still as good as the Bomber D and our offence is better than the Bomber O pretty much right down the line. You may have a very slight edge at receiver. But at RB--Cates is a better back. Period. O-line? I don't think any of your starters would start for us. Better. Period. QB. Both groups are unproven. I'll take 4-0 Durant over 0-6 Lefors and let's play football. And you can have sucky baby Printers.
Bottom line? I am not sure the Riders will make the play-offs. But I am sure the Riders are better than Winnipeg....

...PREDICTIONS.....don't make me laugh...reading through both your and Arius' are both full of them....and full of it.....You don't know how the season is going to go anymore than i can ...surmise, project and speculate BUT you can't say for sure....and I'll admit the same.....The 'takes' we have will only be proven or disproved when these clubs hit the field.....I could go through all of the wild predictions and come-up with just as many negatives for various teams..Just because we have made a lot of changes DOES NOT necessarily equate to a negative,,,,in fact it could end-up being exactly the opposite....So i suggest you take all of your neg. comments and really take a look at your own clubs probs. and as for you Arius...seeing as you like to make 'crystal ball' type predictions...I'll predict one for you ...Bombers will finish with more pts, in the standings than the Riders...How's that for smoke and mirrors.... :lol: :lol:

you know what arius and madjack, this really isnt english class is it? the way you two make such a big deal out of me not proof reading makes me think it is? i thought we were hear to talk football...

it seems arius you just have a different opinion then i regarding certain situations...

how is our front seven improved you ask?

here are some examples:

Siddeeq Shabazz > Cam Hall
Riall Johnson > Tom Canada
Tyrone Williams > Jerome Haywood

heck, even if Tyrone Williams has another injury plagued year... which i wouldnt be suprised, Josh Miller looked really good in there beside Doug Brown... I almost wanted them to keep him in there over Haywood after he showed us what he could do

Tom Canada lost his Game, RialL Johnson fell out of favour with management and was played out of position last season... hes bigger then Canada, faster then Canada, just plain better then Tom, and you know what, hes canadian, a big reason why our canadian starting seven will be better this year

Brock Ralph for a reciever is another reason why our seven canadians will be better

ill take Obby Omera and Labbate over the ticat interior anyday of the week... Hamiltons interior is weak.. wait till you see Doug and Tyrone ripping through there and eating up there QBs all game long.. you will see what i mean

as for KK or Caulley being better then Ried...dont make me laugh.. Ried had over 700 yards in what? 7 games? and he wasnt even getting all the carries... he had to split em, he also had a seven yard avg

id also take Joe Smith over KK or Caulley....

Joe Smith will definately be here... unless Kelly gets a good offer for him

id definately take our backfield over lonely Cates to.. your dreaming if you think your backfield is better then ours... our if your recievers are either

Durant one a whole four games, good for him, he is still unproven just like Porter, just like Dinwiddie and just like Lefors.. Im sure Durant would be 05 as a starter if he was playing on that Edmonton aswell

i doubt Lefors would be 0-5 if he had a respectable team around him... if i recall that was the year they could only get 5 wins even with Ricky Ray at the helm? whos is arguably the best QB in the league

is Ricky Ray a bad starter even though he could only get 5 wins that year????

and no, our secondary is not any more suspect then yours... so quit saying that... Jovon Johnson, Willie Amos and Kelly Malveaux all proved they can play in this league, and play pretty well i might add

and before you make any comments on my grammer, unless it comes to names, i really dont give a crap.... just keep that in mind

oh, and one more thing, i saw Obby on Global training with big Doug, sparing... and they looked dead even and he looked as healthy as ever... thats why i think hes healthy and ready to go!