Armstrong extended....Printers atttending fa camp

...Confirmed this morning by Lyle Bauer....Armstrong has extended his contract with the BigBlue (probably has a good hunch Casey will be chuckin the ball for the Bombers in Printers will be at the Bombers free agent camp at the end of the week....also confirmed... :thup: The thumbs up is for the fact, that at least there will be an experienced CFL QB. throwing to the new faces...

Great News about Armstrong, we will need him in our recieving with Milt Gone, Our recievers are not the problem and should help us win games in 2009. As much as everyone hates Casey Printers, i hope Kelly drops his "I am the man" act and gives Casey a good look, all honesty would it hurt to have a mobile CFL Veteren on our team, if he can rid his attitude, which i think he will do, now that he realizes no one wnats him!! Bombers can give Casey a new look and a new future, remember this guy was MOP in 2004 (I believe) and when he came back from the NFL, i don't think that Casey realized in his wildest dreams, what he was getting himself into in Hamilton, now he has a new chance, new opportunity and i think he knows that this will probably be his last in the CFL, i say he can be a difference maker still and Kelly should have him at camp "TO AT LEAST PUSH LEFORS". Having him push for a spot is a great idea and would not hurt at all, i would definately be more comfortable with someone of Casey's Caliber pushing Lefors, rather than no one pushing Lefors and having him be the starter, just cause Kelly likes the guy.

The first week of the season WILL tell us if Kelly is a BUST, if he names Lefors the starter and he craps the bed, i am afraid to say that Kelly will be no better than Reinbold!! He brought in Lefors and practically made him starting QB already without TC and competition, that tells me something already!! Do the right thing BB'S keep Casey on and let him at least try and rebound from the "Hamilton Horror Days".

So much for the MUK-MUK league :wink:

well thats good news papa... hopefully printers has learned from his humbling experiance in hamilton...

he didnt happen to mention how long the contract was for did he???

Well if you recall....Anthony Cavillo crapped the bed royally in Hamilton too when he first went there after his Las Vegas Posse days. He was atrocious in fact and was booed out of town! He then went to Montreal and turned his career around, although he had a year or two behind Tracy Ham to learn the ropes from a good veteran QB. I mentioned it several months ago that Printers has the tools I think to still be a good QB in this league. He just needs to come in and concentrate solely on his job and not think he must be the lone leader on this team to lead them out of the wasteland like he was trying to do in Hamilton. The Bombers have the receivers and running backs that could do major damage together with Printers, although I have no idea how the o-line is going to be this season. That could be a major achilles heel for the team offensively this season potentially. I think Kelly would be nuts not to give him a training camp try out with an incentive laden contract at some modest base salary, and he's fully healthy finally. As long as he's not a head case anymore, which may only be rumours for all we know, the guy has so much potential to be a star again in this league that he should be given a shot in the Blue and Gold I think! It's not liked the Bombers are stacked with blue chippers in the QB fodder that are sure bets! Randall may have the tools, but we know little about him. Dinwiddie needs more arm strength (hope he's pumping major iron this winter for that!). unknown quantity. Can run around well, but not game tested much. Maybe even bring in Dave Dickensen as a QB coach now that he's retired. He seemed to help Henry Burris a ton last season.

.....2 PLUS 1 on the Army contract....this guy has the hands and potential to be the leading pass catcher in 09... :rockin:

....on bum is getting a little sore from sitting on the fence on this one.....I'm ready to commit to Casey and hope he gets a shot with us......With the right contract (incentive laden) and the right attitude (drop the saviour act)...I believe he can return to his winning form....We all know he has the tools....Put a receiving corps in front of him like we have and presto , Caseys game can return.....Wouldn't that be a laugher on the Cats who dumped see their worst nightmare come true....a rejuvenated Printers carving them up for 2'll see what happens at tc....IF we give him one more chance at being the no. 1 qb. we know he can be....there may be a very good scenario unfolding for the BigBlue in 09... :rockin:

Papazoola, that's a lot of "if's." You may be the most optimistic Bomber homer in history.

Printers will definitely be the Bombers' starting QB on opening day. That I'm sure of, even at this early stage. He has better skills than anyone else on the Bombers' QB roster. But Printers is one bad throw away from second guessing himself again (which he did daily in Hamilton). And the Bombers' O-Line (which will lead the league in sacks allowed) will ensure that A LOT of Printers' throws will be bad.

(This is when papazoola and every other Bomber fan rebutts by saying, "January, Fritz, Khan, Labatte and Donnelly are the best O-Line in the league!")

.......NO friend ...not the best in the league....but very adequate with a nice supporting cast....2 very talented backs...excellent receivers...and a qb. in Lefors that runs a 4.7 in the 40 (try and get a handle on that) and we aren't even talking about Casey yet( who may or not be signed)....I believe we will give a lot a teams a lot of trouble...heh heh.. :lol:

I don't Think Bombers Making the Playoffs Cause of the Crossover..
Way Too much Turnover Coaching staff and GM don't want they are doing
Your GM Reminds of What Marcel Desjardins Did to Hamilton.
Mind I hope Beat Argos Everytime cause hate them more.
Montreal will be 1 .
Hamilton 2
Then Saskchewan or Edmonton will be 3(CROSSOVER)
Bombers 4
Argos 5


I polished my Crystal Ball. here's a look ahead.

Reporter : "Casey You were 11-45 with 3 interceptions, what happened?"

Printers : " I've had better receivers in College, this receiving corp couldn't catch a cold. I got the ball to them and they dropped them."


Reporter : "Casey how do you account for the six sacks tonight, i thought you were a mobile Quarterback?"

Printers : " Our O-line couldn't block charging Grandmothers on Bay Day."
Or possibly

Reporter : Casey, how do you account for this sub-par performance tonight?"

Printers : " Geez, did you see the size of those mosquitos? Brutal! The water in Winnipeg tastes funny. My pinky hurts. I'm going home."

Good luck Papa, you'll need it!

...What are you guys gonna say when you see a 'new' Casey Printers going up the field....completing pass after pass to Army, Edwards, Bryant, Franklin, Ralph, and Bowman.....( i know cuz i got my crystal ball aside and dream predicting...I have to say we 'might' give Printers a chance to redeem himself....and IF he ever reaches his prior form and realizes his potential( I think everyone would admit he does have the tools) he could be the starter for the BigBlue in 09.....He did NOT have a good supporting cast in Hamilton....What i saw in Printers last year was a very frustrated individual ...trying to do it all and be all....can't be done....There's still a lot of bridges to cross as far as Casey is concerned....He doesn't have any fences to mend with us....he just has to take one step at a time.....We're gonna be tough IF it all falls into place...and yes I know the situation is 'iffy'....but then i think a lot of clubs have just as many 'ifs' on their team at present... :wink:

we could have ted whyte at QB and still finish ahead of your brutal team :roll:

1)our offensive line isnt all that bad
2)our defence and offence are lightyears ahead of yours

Your offensive line hasn't proved anything yet, plus they will need time to gel.

Your defence looked pretty brutal against the Eskies in the crossover game last year. Actually, so did the rest of your team, too.

From the Grey Cup, to the playoffs, to a crossover loss. The Bombers are clearly in a downward spiral. No amount of Labatt's Blue you drink should be able to let you forget that.

Two turds floating in a bowl:

One turd says to the other: "You smell like Sh_it"... :smiley:

finishing the way we did in 08 is exactly why we dumped a lot of 'near-do-wells' from last year...and somebody else picked them up......let me see who were they...oh yeah... ...some have signed with the ALS.....and a lot of signed on with the Cats.....I think its you guys who are gonna be drowning their sorrows in BigBlue lol... :lol:

....are you into that toilet water again hfxtc......better watch out someone doesn't pull the flusher.... :lol: :lol:

I've never been a big fan of pre-season predictions in the CFL. Also as a Ticat (and yes Als fan) I don't think there is any "authority" to claim that the Bombers will be turds...

Things can change very quickly in this league and every year there are surprises. Who could have predicted before the season last year that Tucker would be out of football and Kelly Campbell and the Ian's in BC would be star players? That Calvillo would be MVP or that the Riders would be over the cap, huh , never mind that last one :smiley:

I think the Bombers have to fix their kicking and QB issues to compete. I think Printers makes the Bombers better but I am not sure it is a good move for Printers given all the question marks from coaching to Oline... but he may decide that he has no alternative. If you look at Lefors history it is very possible and even likely that he will sustain another concussion. We know for a fact he's had at least 3 (meaning he's probably had more as they progressively become more pronounced and noticeable). I also don't expect Joe Smith will be ligning up with the Bombers at least not for the whole season. Too much money to spilt carries with Reid. I suspect Smith will be traded to either Edmonton, Toronto or Montreal for players and or picks.

Ticats have a similar situation where they are banking on a 1 and 5 rookie qb but have a .500 experienced QB as a backup. However their receivers are far less experienced and proven then Winnipeg. Coaching is also a question mark. I also suspect the Ticats will trade one of their picks for an established receiver.

Right now the Ticats look in better shape but it dosen't mean a thing.

.....Well i guess you won't be surprised to know that i disagree with your post......Bombers have/had a solid nucleus of players for three years.....the players who have left were deemed expendable....and have been replaced...You think not...that's your take....and really ,no one will be able to come to any type of conclusion, one way or another until we hit the field....BUT that goes for every club.....Doug Brown summed it up a couple of years ago....IF you're not changing you probably aren't moving ahead...We certainly have changed a lot :wink: Casey Printers will definitely make this team stronger and from what i've heard (nothing written in stone yet) he will be at the Bombers training camp and will in all likelihood make the team....Every aspect of this club is solid....probably have one of the best front seven, on 'd', in the league for starters.....I will agree with you on one item and that be 'kicking'....BUT from what i've heard there's going to be some strong competition in camp for the job....It will be rectified....all in all i'm looking for a decent 09 season....This club will be hard to beat...mark my words... :wink:

....and as a side note Joe Smith is going nowhere......except into the other teams end-zone in a Bomber uniform... :lol:

Even without Milt, Winnipeg still has a damn fine recieving corps. Mix that with their 2 "more than solid rbs", and an O line(who some say won't cut it) that does have potential to be strong enough to give whoever is taking the snaps more time to give it to these weapons. If the right system is in place then bigblue has enough going for them right now than pretty much anyone else.