The ticats released Jason Armstead. I think we should pick him up, get him back Tillman. After all we cut Corey so we could use a returner. And an extra WR wouldn't be bad, especially with Crandell as our QB


If he will sign for a lot less money than he thinks he deserves, and if he will stop whining about the role he has with the team, and if he will stop juggling kick offs and punts that cost him more than a few yards on returns, then maybe the 'riders will give him the chance to compete with the new guys the 'riders have signed.

Personally, I think the 'riders are fine at special teams with some good competition for the return job slated to attend training camp...

$ign him.

Bombers or Als will grab him if the price is right.

My guess is he will want too much coin. We got lots of young speedy receivers coming into camp so I think it's time to move on. Imo Armstead isn't the player he once was and his days in the CFL may be numbered.

Sorry, you're not a winner. Please try again! Nor should anyone sign this guy, cept' in the arena league maybe.


Jason Armstead is good.

I know, why is everyone donwing him?

Jason Armstead has had one good year in Ottawa, and has been riding its coattails since.

He's a malcontent, he's short and he's high-priced. What's positive about that? Even Hamilton (Hamilton!) cut him outright. He may catch on somewhere, but I doubt it will be here...and I'm far from heartbroken.

That's the whole point. He is good. Not great. Not fantastic. I would label him as a solid third receiver at best. And a solid third receiver is simply not worth the money he has been paid and is continuing to look for.

Other than one year when his stats spiked, he has been in the 600 yard range and for some reason last year his return abilities faltered significantly. If he got that back he could again command more dollars but without it he is not worth the high paycheck.

If a guy is only going to give you 600 to 700 yards a year, he should be a Canadian (i.e. Jason French/ Corey Grant) or a real threat that keeps defenses honest making it tough to double the star (i.e. any receiver beside Geroy Simon).

we wont sign him, we already have how many recievers coming to camp? i imagine he was cut for both salary and his lack of team spirit. Ever since he was traded he was pissed off every play he didn't get the ball.

Given our recent trading history with Hamilton, I predict the following:

The Riders will trade Marcus Crandall and a bagfull of footballs and tape to Hamilton for Casey Printers. Shortly after that, they will release Marcus.
He will then be picked up by either Montreal or Toronto.

He should have been the number 2 guy here. How is flick any different? He did nothing in Hamilton, Riders gave him a shot and he took advantage. Armstead should get the ball more than he does. He led the Riders in TD's 2 years ago. They did not use him properly and then we get Holmes and where is he now? Armstead is a Deep threat and Even if a pass is not complete, he draws penalites because of his speed. Without a running Qb this year, we need solid recievers and I would take Armstead over any new guy that we brought in this year because of his versatility. I would even take Armstead over Flick. I know I am in the minority big time by saying that but I believe it. If we did not have that bonehead Alex Smith and got a real ST coach then Armstead would have been in the top group of guys when it comes to returning the ball. When we gave Armstead the ball, he created excitment. He can even throw the ball as well as take reverses. However after saying all that the bottom line is $$$ and I know he will want to much. I say he goes to Toronto to be with KJ again but just a hunch.

Flick > Amstead in so many ways IMO

Even if we did sign him it would only re-kindle the old problems he had when he left. The main reason he demanded a trade was he wanted the ball more and frankly I don't see him getting it much with MD88, Flick and Fantuz already in our lineup. Combine that with the fact that we can develop someone who is much younger and cheaper and I don't think there is any real need for us to try and sign him at this point.

Didn't Armstead say he didn't demand a trade?

Tillman indicated he likely won't be back because of his projected salary costs.

Didn't Armstead say he didn't demand a trade?
He was upset about not being used enough in the offence, and apparently the discussion surrounding that ultimately lead to the trade with Hamilton.

Another reason I don't think we need to sign Armstead is the Signing of Adarius Bowman. This guy was the #2 ranked receiver in the NFL draft rankings a couple months ago before he got in trouble with the law. Judging by the article in the Leader-Post he has cleaned up his act and is looking for a fresh start.
Apparently he is an amazing athlete and was drawing comparisions to T.O. and Braylon Edwards before his stock fell because of his off field issues. Imo he looks like the real deal and might get another shot at the NFL if he has some success up here.

Here are some College Highlights, he was one of the top recievers in the country for the last two years and he can really play ball if you watch the highlights

This could turn out to be a huge signing down the road, especially with rumors that Dominguez won't be ready for another month.