To me he was more of a dissapointment than the rest. Maybe I'm in denial on Chang's performance. I have never seen a returner let 3 balls get by him in one game. Is he another Holmes. Comes to Hamilton and dissapoints. Maybe he did'nt trust the coverage but he would not go to catch any balls. It was ridiculous. Also yes Chang throught some horrible passes to him but I have seen him make those catches when he played on the praries.

It was his first game here....give the guy a break. I liked what he did when he got the ball. Huge effort. Quick. Fighter. He's a keeper and we need more like him.

I hope your'e right. Goes back to what I said. Maybe he did'nt trust the coverage. We'll see what he can do next week.

it was the guys first game as a ticat, he will grow and develope with our offence fine. he will be a star here for seasons to come.

You are missing a major point. The special teams coach had done a horrid job. Make a wedge - stay in your lanes and most importantly MAKE A BLOCK - this is not rocket science.

ok to gain yards one must run up field.......lateral movment does nothing!!!!!!

He did not impress me yet, I'm sorry but so far he looks like a bust and yes time will tell.

He's been around for a few yrs now so he should know how to run em back!

What I saw was a guy who did not listen when repeatedly told to back up.
Who let too many balls get by him.
Who when he did have the ball ran side to side not up field.
Who waited too long to read the coverage instead of reading it on the fly!!!!!!
Sorry but I doubt he'll be a big star!!!!!!!

Too bad Getzlaf will !!!!!!!!