Armstead to Als

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Well I guess this ends the speculation.

I've never been an Armstead fan but I guess Popp likes him. This may make either Thurman, Watkins, or Richardson expendable.

Do I hear a Watkins trade to the Cats in the wind? Maybe for an O Lineman?

Maybe but it Depends on what Linemen

If they want a Starter
I’d want more then Just Watkins.
Maybe Dave Stalla as well.
Hamilton Best Asset is their OL Depth.

Plus Watkins we may not need now
I really like kids we have at WR.
Ponder Carter Mitchell and other have looked good so far …
We know more after scrimmage on Sunday.

I agree with onkight put it would be a good addtion IMO

But i think that the trade would be timmy chang and a non import lineman and a 2nd or 3rd round pick for walkins

that too much to give up bulldog.
Obie would not do a trade that one sided.
Last year GM would have Jumped at it..
Walkins is good but he may get cut.

If where going to make deal
Send Chang and Jordon Rempel for Watkins.
and 6th round pick

Rempel I like...

Why the heck would we want Timmy Chang?????????

Ya gotta give more for a proven 1000 yds + receiver (3 years) running)

Watkins isn't needed in Hamilton any more.

Obie looks to have confidence in the likes of Ponder, Carter, Mitchell, Jackson, Miles, Cohen and Rodriguez at import receiver.

Ponder, Jackson and Miles are locks to start alongside Bauman. And Carter will probably be our kick return specialist. Mitchell, Cohen and Rodriguez are good enough to be backups or practice roster players. No spots left for Watkins.

I think we may have an O-Lineman to trade, however. Remember, we have Hage, Marcoux and probably Hudson to start inside. But we also have Dyakowski, Bekesiak and Ince. I could see one of the three latter guys being dealt during training camp if an area of pressing need arises.

Your right however, Vaughn was something like a 6 or 8 year 1000+ yards reciever (on a few different teams) when we signed him and I still vividly remember how that ended up. The best part was that Maas and vaughn were supposed to be the next McManus and Flutie! Moral of story: Don't put all ur stock in the past

Popp and Marcel must be getting a little nervous at the WR spot after Warrick flunked his physical which is probably the only reason they picked up Armstead.

He could have stayed here and been a part of something special instead Armstead takes a pay cut to join a team on the way down.

Fire your agent, Jason.

Amen to that!!!!

An Argo-Cat fan

Marc Trestman might be very displeased
if Popp decides to trade Watkins.

The new Head Coach has been seeking
input on his offensive strategy

from Anthony Calvillo, Ben Cahoon

and Kerry Watkins

which should likely go a long way
to winning Kerry Watkins over

as long as Popp stays out of the way.

Cahoon, Thurman, Richarson, Watkins Desriveaux Delauriers…Im sure Popp was shaking in his boots.

Something special??? Yeah playing for a team that has won 7 games in the last two years is special allright.

The Als are rebuilding, but even in a rebuilding year they will win 8-10 games.

Last year you won 3, we won 8

You lost Armour, Armstead, Ralph, Cody

We lost Romero

You gained Miles, and have Printers for the whole TC, signed a couple of maybes

We gained Armstead, Hunt, Richarson,Keeping maybe Cody (lol)

I don’t see any reason for your optimism Zontar.

if I were you, I’d cool my jets until after the opener. I’ll be there…

If Im wrong I’ll beg your forgiveness in person :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:

Now, why would they be getting nervous??? Receivers are a dime a dozen :wink:

Popp is back doing what he has done with great success. The disaster of last year has been dealt with.

Watkins will stay.

Whoa, that's quite a powerhouse of additions.
So when will the parade be? Before or after the ring presentation?

Missed his point didn't you zontar.

He never said anything about parades or rings....what he said was, eight to ten wins for Montreal. No Grey Cup prediction there.


combine the two posts this is a double post. :wink:

All the Als-Cats urination festival talk is quaint here, but as someone who is a fan of both (Cats being my #1), let me simply state:

  1. A 3-15 team has a lot of issues to fix. The culture of winning has to be instilled. My take so far from afar is that the competition in camp is better than last year in the positions that must be upgraded.

  2. The Als also have a lot to prove. The Popp era has been successful in general, but the coaching staff transition will be something to watch.

  3. Casey has to re-establish himself as an elite QB in this league. He has the personal tools to get that done. His O-line is a team strength, especially in the run game last year blocking for Lumsden when healthy.

  4. A.C. must rebound if the Als are to supplant the best teams in the league. I hope his wife's recovery from cancer continues and he can focus on football.

  5. The Als O-line must get fixed. Too many sieve-like breakdowns. They have name guys, but they've got longer in the tooth. Chiu faded as the season wound down last year. If they can get back to their previous form in their Grey Cup contending best, then bully for them. I'm not sold.

Time will tell. One thing I am confident about is that the differential between first and last on the East should narrow, making for a more competitive fall race for playoff positions.

Oski Wee Wee,

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