Armstead signs with the green guys...

....Jason Armstead will be doing his returning act with the riders....just signed with them today...I guess the gun-slinging incident was not enough to keep him out of Canada...If he gets the rust off quick enough, he should do better than the returners they have now...Might even see him suit up for Labour Day.... :roll:

Lots of teams this year seem to need help in the return game. . . Saskatchewan, Toronto, Winnipeg, Hamilton. . . at least the Green Riders now seem to be trying to do something about it. . . wonder when the others will. . .

...seems to be a shortage of good return guys alright ,MadJack....We had a good one in t.c. ...Ramonce Taylor....unfortunately he got into a little trouble with Kelly and was cut...We've been looking for one ever since...and it doesn't look like there's any answer on the horizon.. :roll: :roll:

Yes, and the puzzler for me from your team is that you then brought in this Thorpe guy to return kicks, and he hasn't returned one. . . got to play a little WR, but that wasn't why you signed him. . . .

Hold your breath Papa, we are close to aquiring Harris or signing a familier face (which can be anyone) wouldn't that be awesome if Roberts returned (i know highly unlikely), what about Stokes? (hmm... unlikely as well) but ya never know!!

Apparently Thorpe does not have the speed or experience YET!!

And how, exactly, is he supposed to GET that experience? By sitting on the bench?

....oooops.and i thought we gave up on trying to get a return guy...Don't know much about Harris..../Stokes....I hope not...he's done...I don't think that Roberts is healthy enough after his leg injury last year.....apparently the Riders are about to cut someone loose with the signing of Armstead....maybe we'll have a look at one of them....who knows?????? :roll:

True, i agree he won't get experience on the bench, but his speed is nothing to be excited about. But he is a solid reciever apparently and i can see him replacing Ralph very soon!!

Ralph's Canadian. . .

Apparently Gerran Walker is on the bubble in Riderville, had a great recieving career in college, but can he return kicks?

Given the return game in Regina so far, what do you think?

Well I think we have the answer to"who's gonna return kicks now"....Im putting my money on this Jones guy-lol...any takers on that one-lol

Tomorrow's practice should be interesting:

"Well done, Adam. But there's no fair catch up here. Now get up, find your helmet, and let's do this again."

LOL! That’s gotta be the first thing they tell these guys who come up here for the first time!

Thorpe was a very puzzling case but he's gone now. He was injured for a few games which probably delayed his being released. Another receiver on the PR who has return experience is Otis Amey and I've read some fan reports about practices that indicate he has been impressive as a receiver. They didn't mention seeing him practicing punt or kick-off returns though.