armstead rules

armstead rules

why not just wait till after tuesday when the trade deadline closes... and then start talks with him to come on board next year?

... seems silly to me why this would happen :?


UNLESS this is the only way they see they can manage their $$ situation.. I'd rather not see him go BUT... scratches noggin ... is it worth it?

I think they should trade kk for ch keith is saying he's the only reason saskatchewan is winning and stuff like that and i want to see him gone he's a good rb but i don't like when players say that shit

wheres your link to prove this.

don't you watch sportsnet (edited)

i havnt seen one thing on sportsnet all day about cfl, its all been nfl and nhl preseason, and some other stuff.

a friend of mine told me he was saying this on sportsnet

holmes cant be traded back to saskatchewan anyway, theres that clause that says you cant be traded back to the team that traded you for a year, so your friends a idiot. i wouldnt be surprised if it was marty york that said it omn sportsnet, that guy is full of lies.

Cory is hurt right now so he is good to know one right now :wink: besides if Cory really wants to come Home, he will wait until next year when he becomes a free agaent, why would a team give up a good player to another team for a player who will be a free agent at the end of the season?

i just heard something about it i don’t know if it was true or not i didn’t think they’de redo the trade because that was that trade cory holmes for him and kj

sorry guys we just signed Holmes today to a 3 year contract.he'll be in hamilton for another 3 years.

So much for the Sportsnet reprot, Holmes has signed with the Cats for 3 years. You cant believe rumours, especially if they come the scrambled marbles of Marty York or McMoron.

guess that saves us the 200k he was wanting .... maybe now we can afford KJ for a bit longer :stuck_out_tongue:

Stop Fricken posting this junk!

Like what if armstead looks at these forums and sees this. dont you think it might throw his game off?

Like come on guys this shit obviously isnt true.

so why did we get Scott Gordon back? he was part of that deal :? :cowboy:

i dont know really, i dont know too much about that clause.

I had heard about a trade-back clause too, but apparently there is no such thing this year…someone at emailed the Rider organization about it - they said there wasn’t one.

If that clause did exist then we wouldn't have gotten Scott Gordon back from Hamilton