Armstead released....

....Looks like we will be on the hunt for a good return man.. A few t.c. hopefulls ,have pretty good credentials , and someone will rise to the occasion...Guess Kelly is invoking his a-hole light plan....Jason pretty well sealed his fate by chasing down his girlfiend with a revolver and evading police..... I would say he threw his football career away at that point......Some guys never learn... :roll:

Sounds like they were waiting to see if Ramonce Taylor was coming, and he is, so bye bye Armstead.

you're right......IT was kind of 'iffy' with regards to Taylor, pigseye...but he's on his way...He can really burn-up the field...can't wait to see what he can do...There are some who don't want to see him in the Peg....mostly people from the opposition... :lol:

The Blue Bombers announced today they have signed import running back Ramonce Taylor to a contract.

As per team policy, details of the agreement are not disclosed.

Taylor (5-11, 195, Texas ’06, DOB: Sept. 11, 1985 in Temple, TX) was last with the Rio Grande Valley Dorados in the AFL2.

Taylor played his college football at Texas where in 2005, his second season with the Longhorns, he compiled a team-high of 1,219 offensive yards and 15 touchdowns, including one in Texas’ national championship victory over Southern California in the Rose Bowl.

“We are pleased to have reached an agreement to bring in an outstanding athlete with a versatile skill set to play running back or receiver. He has also proven to be a successful return man and will add to the competitiveness of this camp.? said head coach Mike Kelly.

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I really want to see what this Taylor kid can bring. Not any mope scores 15 touchdowns for a national college champ and Taylor did do that. I find it interesting though because Kelly has been preaching chararcter all off-season and this guy has some off-field issues. So either a) he's cleaned up his act, b) he is such a talent that Kelly will let him slide a bit or hopefully c) both.

Armstead doesn't suprise me. He's not allowed to leave his own state I don't believe so he won't be coming up here anytime soon.