Armstead Number

In the last 2 games what number did Armstead wear?


he said he'd give it up from what i heard on the score, tsn and sportsnet

Thanks I wondered about that. When Holmes came back to the Riders he wanted to get #19 back which was his old Rider number, but the league said that Johnson who had 19 could not change numbers during the season if he was on the same team. Why is the league allowing it for Hamilton but not Saskatchewan?

I was wondering about myself leeing.

The only rational I could come up with is the length of time each player has been on the team. 2 games for Armstead vs 8 games for Johnson? It doesn't seem right to me, but that is all I can come up with.

Armstead has been virtually invisible out there. The league probably didn't know what number he wore.

watch for armstead now that we have someone who can actualy put the ball where it should be.

Armstead has not impressed me one bit. He has done no more than Holmes. In fact, at least on returns, Holmes knew where to stand. Armstead was 4 for 4 as far as not being able to judge the distance of the kick. He also gave up a couple of singles.

i think armstead will be motivated by the fact that printers is here and is a big name legit starting QB, hopefully this will give him some confidence to do some damage on the field and not become a bust.

five catches last week wasn’t bad…

of course the two drops i noticed weren’t good either…

I wish he had of layed out for those 2 balls , at least made an effort !!!!

Printers should reward the #1 to the Receiver that catches the damn ball and does his job consistantly! A little motivation. Do you think that our receivers are skilled but never motivated with Mass?

Well if they werent then i dont want them on the Tiger Cats !!!!