Armstead Number

In the last two games did Armstead what number did he wear?

I had meant to ask this on the TiCat site, so I did. I was told that Armstead was playing with #1. The reason I was wondering about this is that when Holmes came back to the Riders, he wanted his old #19 back which was currently being used by Johnson. We were told that the league would not allow this as player could not change their number unless they were going to another team and since Johnson was staying put, he had to hold onto the number until next season.

So why is the league allowing Armstead to give up his number to Printers?

My guess is the limited number of #1 Armstead jerseys made made it allowable as Armstead has not been here very long

Thats garbage...

thats retarded...

its a good rule, the cfl is smart they are gonna load up on printers' number 1 jerseys and make a nice profit, plus its a good early christmas gift. Steeltown baby!

No, thats stupid.

No that's MARKETING!

its marketing and its smart, hopefully hamilton removes their gold uniforms, and introduces a throwback jersey, imagine how much cash the cfl and ticats would make off a 1970s throwback jersey with printers # 1 on it. BIG TIME MONEY.

Same thing when Frank Thomas, who has worn #35 throughout his career, signed with the Jays. Overbay, who was wearing #35, gave it up for Thomas, a big-time signing. Good move on giving Casey #1, the number he won M.O.P. in.

Except in the CFL you are not allowed to change your number once the season has started, unless you are traded. Armstead has played a game with Hamilton using #1, it should be against the rules for him to give his number to Printers, as Corey Holmes was not allowed to get #19 when he rejoined the Riders because James Johnson had it.

Unless there is some loophole here, I don’t see how it’s possible.

there is a loophole, i wouldnt be surprsied if michael bishop switches back to his old #7 since crouch was released.

You dont think it would be good marketing if Corey got #19 back?

Why would I care?..all I know Corey as is number 3

Don't hate the player.. hate the game!

Is this a new rule… sounds kinda cheesy

2005 Keith Stokes gave up #3 for Anthony Malbrough in Wpg, Stokes changed to #0 [which IMO is not real number]

2006 Jon Oosterhuis changed from #77 to #69 and back to #77. The reason he HAD to change his number was he was forced to play on the OL and required an OL number. I think the CFL would allow this to happen again.

Its ridiculous.

This just in!

Winnipeg backup DB Jason Nugent just gave up his #21 to Juran Bolden. Nugent has played in all 9 games so far this season. He will be wearing #13 accoring to the bluebomer site.

See thats ridiculous!

the cfl is keeping it real, if holmes wanted #19 he probably had to pay a fee since reebok would have change the numbers, but printers and bolden got signing bonuses, so thats why they switched numbers.