Armstead arrested

More good news for Winnipeg fans, Jason Armstead got himself arrested for what sounds like a stupid thing to do.

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This is old news.

oops, Wanna remove this then please Admin? Sorry.

Actually, they removed it the first time, when it was news .....which I suggest is why you hadn't heard about it before....

We're only allowed to discuss the irrelevant here.

Now, getting back to why I like Winnipeg's blue pants more than Toronto's blue pants......

Yes it was removed, after your non-stop whinning about it!

Oh I"m not so sure I would call it whining (although I am sure I wouldn't call it whinning).

He had a point. If we aren't allowed to talk about one person's legal problems because it is before the courts, then why is it legitimate to discuss other person's legal problems that are also before the courts?

It's a valid question and I don't recall him ever being given an answer.

And it seems likely I will continue to point out the absurdity of the site policy and point out the obvious double standard of that policy.

And thanks Madjack.

My point was that he complained about it and wanted it removed....and now seems to complaining that it was removed.

Are you under some sort of contractual agreement stating that you must post here?

You whined that it should be was you are whining about some sort of double standard.

I have to agree with Arius and MadJack here... it seems that political correctness and censorship rule here.. wether we are not allowed to talk about someone's legal problems.. or a post gets deleted because of an arbitrary decision of what "is on topic" here... it seems to have gotten worse in the last year or so, but then again we can't see the salaries of CFL players.. yet just about every other league discloses salaries.. it seems the attitude here is what you don't know can't hurt you... :roll:

Ro, at the risk of stating the obvious, I think the whole point of Arius' one-man march is that NEITHER of the threads should have been locked/removed.

Well, either both or neither.

If we aren't allowed to talk about the legal problems facing a certain GM, then we shoudn't be discussing the legal problems of Armstead or Chris Bosch either. It's the double standard that was the problem I think.

Yeah, but his criticism…well, who am I to speak for Arius. He can explain it himself if he wants.

My earlier complaint about the Armstead thread was intended purely as sarcasm. I never thought anyone would actually do something.... similar such sarcasm has not resulted in any other thread being deleted.
I was actually rather tame initially regarding this new version, if you check my initial response. But once Sportscallion "apologized" and asked for its removal, my more churlish self couldn't resist.....

Not sure I understand the reference to a "contractual agreement".

Wonder if this had anything to do with him getting released.

Will the 6th time ( team ) be the charm?

I doubt he could even get into the country now.